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Creative Calm Solutions LLC is a company comprised of empowering life coaches (career, relationship, & stress-management), professional instructors (workshop facilitation), in-demand speakers, and service providers who assist in bringing you to YOUR BEST SELF.
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Our Services

Career Coaching
Would you like to switch careers? Have you been thinking about leaving your company, but are afraid to make the move? Are you trying to get back into the workforce after a period of absence? Want to explore the possibility of working in a different field, but aren't sure what that field is? Want to start your own business, but don't know where to begin? Need to strengthen your resume? Liz has a plethora of tools, contacts, and more to assist you in this process. Liz has convenient after-work hours of operation, so there is no need to worry about your job search during the day when your attention has to be directed towards other projects and people. (60 minutes) $150 per session
Résumé Writing / Editing: Entry-Level
Résumé Writing / Editing: Entry-Level | Full-service résumé writing / editing for students, new grads, and entry-level professionals looking to enter the workplace. Includes a 30-minute phone consultation with career coaching. Turnaround time is 3-5 business days after phone session.
Résumé Writing / Editing: Professional-Level
Résumé Writing / Editing: Professional-Level | Full-service résumé writing / editing for individuals with 2-10 years of professional experience. Includes a 30-minute phone consultation with career coaching. Turnaround time is 3-5 business days after phone session.
Résumé Writing / Editing: Mid-Level + Résumés Written From Scratch
Résumé Writing / Editing: Mid-Level | Full-service résumé writing / editing for management-level professionals with 10+ years of experience, and all résumés written from scratch (with the exception of entry-level résumés for students). Includes a 30-minute phone consultation. Turnaround time is 3-5 business days after phone session.
LinkedIn Profile Review
LinkedIn Profile Review for Optimization (2-5 turnaround time unless otherwise agreed to)
Priority Processing
24-48 Hour Expedited Processing Time for Résumé Writing / Revisions
CLARITY: SOULution Sessions
Let's get clear... together. Using a divine mixture of the gifts of Desire Mapping, the Fire Starter Sessions, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, clarity-bringing questions, The Law of Attraction, the Human Needs evaluation, and more--- we will delve into the world of clarity and prioritization within one (or two) sessions. By the end of your session(s), we will have a plan so that you can feel more confident on your journey. Each session is 60-minutes in length + an end-of-session email.
Relationship Coaching
Are you currently in a relationship, and feel that there are things that need to be worked through? Would you like to strengthen the relationship you're in? Would you like to connect more deeply with your partner? No matter what stage your relationship is in, Liz will bring clarity to any partnership in which both partners desire change. Want to work on your relationship without your partner? This is possible, too. Through exploring your different types of communication styles / methods, discovering what moves you, and more--- change via clarity is the way. (60 minutes max. per session) $150 each session
Transformational Life Coaching
Go beyond the superficial and bring out what's at the core of your desires. Covering up (or not exploring) the root of concern can cause more damage later--- kind of like putting a bandaid on top of a cavity. When you're energetically aligned, you perform better--- whatever it is that you are trying to perform in! When you're aligned, you can manifest your desires / visions, & create the most positive outcomes for any situation. You'll have the ability to transform your "challenges" into productive energy, which also leads to better health. You'll feel mentally clear, more empowered to be creative in life, & you'll be able to focus throughout your day. Your intuition will grow as you become more in-tune to what/who you really are, and all that surrounds you. $500 package price includes 3 coaching sessions (up to 60 minutes each), 4 follow-up sessions (up to 30 minutes each), and all correspondence (email / text).
Follow-Up Coaching Session
Follow-Up Coaching Session: Accountability, Plan-Making, Follow-Through | This session type is for current clients who are approved for this weekly "maintenance" call.

Our Staff

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