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Our Services

New Client Initial Consultation for the new client that has yet to see Jill Clarey
90 min. for intake, evaluation and program establishment
30 minute free introduction
This is a quick 30 minutes to determine if the client and Naturopath want to work together. During this time a client can pick up initial paperwork and requisition for labs if they are needed.
Followup appointment for established clients on a program with me already.
As a clients body changes, the program needs change. This visit can take anywhere from 60-90 minutes.
Followup appointment for established clients with me on a program from me already that might not need as much time.
For those that need only 60 minutes
30 minutes to discuss changes that are needed
As a client works on certain areas, we need to take a look to make sure the program is working to address these concerns. This is not meant for new clients.
Skype Visit
For those that cannot get into the office, we can still test for imbalances and deficiencies and go over results and establish a program to bring a better balance. Skype name is jillclarey3

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Jill Clarey
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