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Providing quality lash extensions to thicken lengthen or enhance your lashes while still caring for your natural lashes.
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EYEBROW UNIVERSITY JANUARY 7thGardena CA! 10 am -4pm $100 reg fee! we cover everything u need to know from brow shaping, color theory, tweezing,waxing, and more join an industry where u have the potential to make $180,00+ a year. Already in the industry add brows to your services and increase your revenue ! Kit included with everything u need to successfully take your clients brows to a new level ! WE WILL COVER IN DEPTH THE FOLLOWING & FULL KIT INCLUDED: Eyebrow Design: Brow Theory Sanitation Color Theory Brow Shaping Techniques( Arch, Wax, Tweeze) Tinting HD Brow Sculpture Design Brow Marketing & Branding. Reserve your seat today!!!! Limited Seating available. EMAIL OR CALL FOR RESERVATION This Workshop Includes: Starter Kit, Building Your Brand, Certification of Completion, & More! **Certificates will be issued to the name of the registrant. CASH ONLY WILL BE ACCEPTED FOR REMAINING YOUR REMAINING BALANCE OF $400 DAY OF CLASS BEFORE CLASS BEGINS
3 day Lash Certification training
Lashed by Lovely is the preferred lash extension company when it comes to eyelash extensions. I absolutely guarantee that my unique application method Sequence for Perfect Bonding, is the safest and most efficient method for perfect technique in eyelash extension applications. Lovely lash training is the only training that offers the most hands on training. The training is very thorough and aside from just lash training we go as far as training you on how to set your business aside from the many other lash companies out there and how to increase revenue. You will learn The correct lash application technique as well as correctLy Pricing your services. The course includes the KIT AND BOTTOM lash application as well. We also provide information on where and how to shop for application tools! ....take your career to the next level.. All deposits and fees non refundable.
3D Eyebrow Microblading is a semi-permanent eyebrow enhancing technique that is carried out using a special hand tool which deposits pigment under the skin. Microblading is the newest & most popular form of semi-permanent makeup which mimics the form of natural hair resulting in fuller, thicker, GORGEOUS brows! ✔️semi permanent tattoo ✔️realistic hair like strokes NOT the shaded in "look" ✔️thorough consultation before procedure begins ✔️lasts up to one year ✔️takes about 1 hour to do ✔️minimal pain numbing cream is applied ✔️instant results ✔️I match your brow hair color ✔️redness goes away in 30 minutes ✔️no down time If I am working over any old work An additional $100 will be charged
Ombré Eyebrow Service $100 deposit required This procedure lasts about 1-3 years. Semi-Permanent Make-up is an upgrade from cosmetic tattoos. When scheduling an appointment date for a permanent makeup procedure, keep in mind the healing time of the procedure. * Do not tweeze, wax, or dye brows for 2 days prior. There’s an additional $100 fee for work done over existing permanent makeup no matter how long ago the previous work was done Touch required 4-6 after initial procedure touch up is $100
Ombre Brow touch up
Must be within 4-6 weeks from original apt date
D Curl Full Set (every Lash Extended )
The d curl lash is a curlier lash giving you a look that stands out more ! You can still achieve a natural look with a d curl. Worn by the familiar India love! This set is for the girl looking for there lashes to give their face the "pop"
a variey of lashes are used ranging in length and thicknes and placed in various directions to create a very wispy look
For The Love of Lashes ( full set every available lash extended)
Every lash is extended ! Will give lashes fullness. I offer a variety of lengths of lashes .A natural or glamorous look can be achieved
Love Lashes ( natural set every other lash extended)
Every other lash is extended 50% coverage will give length to lashes not fullness
Love love curl
These lashes are curlier than your d curl lash ‼️ gives the eye an extraordinary Pop! Especially from the side view ! Try something new
100% Siberian Mink Set
If you’re going for that 100% natural look, this is the best you can get. Most people love Mink because they look so natural and give them full, fluffy eyelashes.The allure of extensions made from mink hair is that they have a natural quality to them that you cannot get from synthetic material. Real Mink lashes come from the Mink tail, usually coming from either the Siberian Mink or the Chinese Mink Sibwrian being the better of the two. With Siberian Mink extensions you'll get a light, fluffy, soft natural look. The extensions last longer because they are so light as well as being able to apply several mink extensions per the natural lash
Volume set 2d 3D 4d 5d
Volume lashes are a lighter thinner lash allowing u to place multiple lashes per lash. They are not like like cluster lashes. Volume fans are created ! Using a lighter lash Volume lashes give u a more full voluminous look . Volume fans can be any where from 2-6 d depending on how full of a look you are trying to achieve
Classic and volume mix
For a more full look and longer lasting lashes classic volume mix is the choice for u. Giving u fuller look but not as full as a complete volume set. A combination of classic 1:1 to lash application as well as volume lashes are applied. Volume lashes are a thinner lash that allows multiple extensions to be applied to the natural lash.
100% Siberian Mink Fill
D curl fill
40% OR MORE OF LASHES MUST BE REMAINING ‼️ to be considered A fILL otherwise full set price will be charged ‼️ 20 lashes or less on an eye requires a full set !
For the love of lashes fill
40% OR MORE OF LASHES MUST BE REMAINING ‼️ to be considered A fILL otherwise full set price will be charged ‼️ 20 lashes or less on an eye requires a full set !
love lashes fill
40% OR MORE OF LASHES MUST BE REMAINING ‼️ to be considered A fILL otherwise full set price will be charged ‼️ 20 lashes or less on an eye requires a full set !
Foreign fill ( initial set was not done by me )
I no longer fill in work from other lash techs a removal and full set will need to be booked
bottom lashes
Lash Removal
Lash Touch Up
Perfect for the person who always wants there lashes to look their best. ONLY book this option if it has been a week or less from application of initial set DONE BY ME
Lash Bath
RECOMMENDED WITH EVERY FILL ‼️ Give your lashes the proper cleaning they need with this refreshing treatment. Specially formatted cleanser removes oils, old skill cells, and makeup residue that may be trapped in your lashes and not visible to the eye. This ensures longevity for your lash extensions allowing the bonding of the adhesive to last longer.
Mobile service
Get serviced in the comfort of your own home ! $100 is the starting price if additional based on. Location will contact shortly after appointment is scheduled to let you know exact price of mobile service NO SPECIALS WITH MOBILE SERVICE ALL LASHES REGULAR PRICINg
Siberian mink touch up
Volume fill
Love love curl fill
Wispy fill

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