Green Beauty Mama

Clean Beauty services with all Beautycounter products to help you reduce your exposure to toxins & questionable ingredients and live a healthier lifestyle.
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5:00 PM - 8:00 PM
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Our Services

Product Preview
Select up to 5 products*. Have them dropped to your location and picked up one week later, allowing you 7 days to experience your Beautycounter selections. *List up to 5 products you’d like to experience in Appointment Notes. You’ll get an email confirming your selections. Based on availability.
Personal Consultation
Have a 1 hr appointment with Beautycounter Director, Malia Boersma, and receive skincare recommendations, color matching, product sampling & a mini makeover.
Clean Keiki Makeovers
Mini makeovers for girls parties with all clean beauty products. Includes: blush, eyeshadow, lip gloss & a complimentary bottle of Baby Soothing Oil which is a safe gentle alternative for makeup remover.
Group Mini Makeovers
Learn about cleaner cosmetics and have guests experience shade matching and mini makeovers with Beautycounter products - Liquid Foundation - Blush - Eyeshadow - Bronzer - Highlight - Lip Product - Brow Pencil - Mascara
Group Mini Facials
Learn about safer skincare & have guests experience a selection of customized Beautycounter products. 1) Cleanser of choice 2) Charcoal Mask 3) Serum or Oil of choice 4) Moisturizer of choice
Holiday Pop Up
Treat your guests to Holiday-inspired Mini Makeovers while we preview Beautycounter’s Exclusive Holiday Collection. Earn half off products and free products when your guests shop, plus a hostess gift for you.
Zoom Consultation (US & Canada)
45 min video conference to help you swap out your current products for safer options

Our Staff

Malia Boersma