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Our Services

Appliance consultation
Talk with Eugene, Owner of Lorain Furniture and Appliance. Purchase advice, repair, etc. I will help guide you to the appliance that will suite you best. Phone only.
Vintage Stove Safety Inspection
Includes new flexible gas line, technician will check stove for gas leaks, basic visual inspection of wiring. Basically I make 100% sure your vintage stove is safe to use, and won't kill you in your sleep or blow up. Includes some minor adjustments. *If the stove is not safe to use, I will disconnect it
Vintage Gas Stove DELUXE Tune Up Service
Includes the safety inspection and much more! I will re grease up tp 4 surface gas valves, and calibrate 1 oven. Pick this service if your gas valves are really hard to turn, or if the flames are too big/small. I will also make adjustments to the pilots to get everything to light automatically. (if its possible) 1. New flexible gas connection 2. re grease up to 4 surface valves (includes calibrations) 3. Regrease and calibrate 1 oven. 4. Visual inspection of electrical 5. Assessment of stove.
Vintage Appliance SERVICE
Trip and diagnosis of your failed vintage appliance. Pick this option if you want me to come out and see why your oven/burner/clock/ etc isn't working right. This fee is for the trip and me diagnosing what is wrong with your vintage appliance, and providing you with an estimate on how much it will cost to repair it, if repairable.
Vintage Appliance RESTORATION diagnosis, consultation
Pick this option if you are interested in having your appliance restored. This includes a full evaluation. I will test the stove for functionality, and provide a rough estimate for restoration. No repairs will be done on this service.

Our Staff

Eugene Pallas