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JAYA CUSTOM AUDIO SCRIPT for Reality Creation includes an intake assignment about what you wish to manifest in your life, plus a 20-minute phone call to clarify your desires, and a custom reality creation audio “script” recorded by me, for you, for your personal use to help you in manifesting your desire. Consistent use of Audio Scripts coupled with imagining your desire as if it is real now, is by far the most empowered way to imprint the subconscious mind so you can more readily manifest your desires.

$108 · 20 minutes

Advanced Energy Clearing 3-Session Pack

Advanced Energy Clearing with Chiraya Dharma. Chiraya books a minimum of 3 sessions to ensure we get to the root of your major issues and give you traction moving forward. The first session is 3 hours, giving us plenty of time to discover what is transpiring and do some powerful energetic cleansing. The next two sessions are 90-minutes each, allowing us to deeply address any further remnants of the issue arising and get you up to speed with your authentically powerful self.

$750 · 3 hours


Chireya is a spiritual teacher, multi-dimensional energy healer, transformational catalyst, new earth visionary, and Vibrational Alignment Coach. Also a #1 Bestselling Amazon Author and spokesperson for Source Consciousness, Chireya’s goal is to help people revitalize their lives through comprehension of the Source Codes of alignment. This process allows for the recalibration to our Divine Self. By combining ancient wisdom and modern techniques, Chireya guides people in tuning in with Source, lining up with their true purpose, delete the patterns that haunt them, and steering the ship of their lives.