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Our Services

Hydra Fleaux
Wellness Infusion Delivers hydration, vitamins and minerals directly into your bloodstream to enhance your overall health and wellness. This Fleaux is ideal for clients with malabsorption issues due to weight loss surgery any type of G.I. disorder or alternative diets. This Fleaux also helps those with Asthma, Migraines, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia , Muscle Spasms, Coronary Artery Disease, Upper Respiratory Infections, Chronic Sinusitis/ Allergic Rhinitis
After Party Fleaux
Relieves those symptoms from feeling tired and hangover. This Fleaux puts you on the right track to get back on your feet.
Get Up & Geaux Fleaux
Boost your energy to help maintain your busy schedule. Boost your mood and help your body deal with stress. The energy boost may also increase your metabolism and help with weight loss.
Anti-Ox Fleaux
Immune booster may protect against free radicals, and reduce cellular inflammation and oxidative stress.
Intimate Fleaux
Heightens your intimate moments and increases your endurance. Boost testosterone in a natural way.
Fit Fleaux
Maximize physical output while improving muscle health. Decrease recovery time while enjoying better performance during your workout.
Brain Fleaux
Helps attention span, memory, cognitive enhancement(think faster, problem solving, sharpness), mood elevation, supports metabolism and more.
Immune Fleaux
High dose of vitamin C to help reduce oxidative stress. Fight cold or flu, allergies or illness. Enhances post surgical healing.
Beauta Fleaux
Help collagen production, fight wrinkles and fine lines, decrease blemishes and brighten your skin. Enhances results from Botox, Fillers, Kybella and other facial rejuvenation services.
Slender Fleaux
Weight Management- Promote fat burning to facilitate weight loss and other elements to increase energy. The formula may also reduce appetite; build muscle and promote a healthy immune system. Includes Lipo Mini Booster injection.
B12 shot
Packages available
Lipo Mini Slim Booster Shot
Weekly maintenance shot to keep that metabolism burning. Converts food to energy, convert fat and carbohydrates to energy as fuel. Supports immune system. Save money with a 4 pack for $176
Calm shot
Helps with anxiety, muscle tension, and migraine headaches. It promotes relaxation, mental awareness and detoxification. Secondary benefits include assisting the body in secreting growth hormone. Packages available to save cost.
Post Fit Fleaux
Lipo Mini 4 Pack
Package of 4 injections to supplement the Slim Fleaux
Calm 4 Pack
Supplement to the Brain Fleaux.
Service after Assesment
Brain fleaux
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