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We offer a variety of massage and foot/hand spa services.
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Our Services

CBD infused Massage/services
We use a special anti-inflammatory blend of massage oils that include CBDs and arnica to promote pain relief and relaxation.
Lipomelt Body Wrap ( Returning Client )
Liposuction alternative!! This body wrap used infrared to promote fat loss. Sessions are 20-30min, results very, but clients have reported loosing 1-5 inches in 1 session. BMI readings, body type evaluation and measurements are done once every 4 sessions. Do not eat 2 hours prior to your appointment. Bring a bikini style swim suit. You will want to to wear neoprene shape wear for 2 hours after your appointment to maximize results. Do not eat for 2 hours after your appointment. Do not drink alcohol for 24 hours after. This service is not recommended for those with liver disease or cancer. This will not be effective if you regularly use tobacco products.
Infrared Sauna w/Chronotherapy
The sauna helps to relieve pain, speed healing and promote relaxation and detoxification. Chronotherapy, or Light therapy, help with various different ailments. Choose the color that works best for your needs! Price is $5 off when scheduled before a massage or spa treatment.
Couples services
Couples 30min massage and 30min sauna session. Couples 30min oxygen therapy session. Relax and rejuvenate with your choice of essential oils and 90% oxygen to help you heal. Ionic foot detox for 2. Sauna session for 2 includes colored light therapy. Couples' training massage is a great opportunity for couples to learn how to work on each other. Each will get a 30min or 60min 4 handed massage guided by the massage therapist.
Touch-Free Relaxation and Healing Therapy
Touch-free therapy is not massage, but intended for those who need to relax and heal, but cannot have massage or do not like massage. This therapy includes a combination of aromatherapy, oxygen therapy, sound therapy with noise-cancelling headphones and chronotherapy (coloured light therapy).
Range of Motion
This is assisted stretching to help increase range of motion. You do not need to dis-robe. This technique is done completely through clothes. Recommend wearing comfy, loose fitting clothes.
"Hotstone" Heated Relaxation massage
This is a general overall relaxation massage. The only goal is to just relax and de-stress. Great for over-all body aches and pains. This type of massage is general relaxation, simple head to toe, no intense deep tissue or stretching. We use instant heat packs for a hot-stone-like feel. I typically use a hot towel on the back and neck near the end of the massage.
Prenatal Massage
Side lying massage for expecting mommies.
Deep Tissue Massage
This type of massage is Deep Tissue with a detailed focus on all of your problem areas. This type of massage is generally used for treatment and uses a deep/intense pressure. I do usually incorporate a lot stretching. You may be sore the next day, but it should be a 'just had a good work-out sore', and as long as you drink enough water, you shouldn't feel too sore, and it won't last longer than a few hours. I typically use a hot towel on the back and neck near the end of the massage. Hot stone massage can be used on the neck back and shoulders for an additional $10. Massages done in my home office all start with hot packs on the back. DRINK A LOT OF WATER AFTER THIS MASSAGE!
Custom massage
This is your general massage that is custom to fit your needs without any add-ons. This is a great option if you have never had massage before, or you are unsure of what style you want.
Chair massage
Chair massage.
Chair Massage event
Chair massage for a set amount of clients per hour.
Hot-stone add-on
Add hot-stone massage to any massage. Hot-stone massage is applied to back neck and shoulders.
Cold Stone Migraine Therapy
This type of massage uses cold marble stones and aromatherapy to help relieve headaches and migraines.
Body Wraps
We paint your body in a combination of chocolate or Sea kelp, clay, honey and aloe, The chocolate helps to soften your skin and help repair skin damage such as stretch marks, scar tissue, sun damage and wrinkles. The sea kelp helps you to detox. The oatmeal is great for dry and damaged skin. Hungarian Moore mud is a powerful anti-inflammatory.
Body Scrub
Sea Salt helps to exfoliate dead skin cells. Not recommended for dry skin. Sugar is a more gentle exfoliate and better for dry skin than salt. Ground coffee helps to possibly reduce the appearance of cellulite and temporarily reduce the appearance of spider veins. Brown Sugar exfoliates the same way as a regular sugar scrub, only with the added calm, warming smell of brown sugar. Oatmeal is a gentle exfoliate that help to soften your skin, as well as put nutrients into dry skin. The combination of sea kelp and sea salt are a powerful detoxifier, as well as an exfoliate.
Ionic Foot Detox
30min foot detox soak with Ions. You can visually seek all of the crud coming out of your feet!
Foot Treatments
Clean Feet ~ Foot soak and foot scrub. Happy Feet ~ Foot massage Detox my feet ~ Honey foot wrap with a foot massage. Dry feet ~ Paraffin dip and foot massage. Fantastic feet ~ Soak, scrub and massage. Soften My Feet ~ Soak & scrub with oatmeal & paraffin dip. Love My Feet ~ Soak, scrub, paraffin dip and massage. Sore Feet ~ Hungarian foot wrap with a foot massage. Sweet Feet ~ Soak, sugar scrub, honey wrap & massage.
Optimum Health Consultation
I am not a doctor. I cannot diagnose, prescribe or treat. I cannot cure, or make any promises on what will or will not work for you. My Goal as a Holistic Health Practitioner is to help you reach optimum health by giving you the tools you need to help your body heal. I look at the body as a whole. I have every client fill out a health and wellness intake form. No detail is too small. We look at your complaints, as well as your diet and emotional well-being. Sessions are 45-90min, the first appointment usually being 90min. Because I am new in this practice, I will not adjust the price based on time. I charge a flat $50 for every appointment, and appointments can be done in office or by phone. Consults are free with any massage, and I am always happy to answer random questions by phone or email at no extra charge.
Oxygen Therapy
There are many benefits to using Oxygen Therapy. I use a device called the Zen Station, which incorporates oxygen therapy, chromotherapy, aromatherapy and sound therapy to promote relaxation and healing. This service can be combined with any other or done with a friend for $5 off.
Lympatic Drainage
This technique cleanses the lymphatic system, we usually focus on only one or two areas per session because you may get sick if we attempt to do the whole body.
Massage Combination Services
Lipomelt Body Wrap and Massage
Body wrap with a 30min massage after to stimulate lymp flow and maximize the effect of the body wrap. Starting price is $200

Our Staff

Kendra the Kind
I specialize in Deep tissue, trigger point therapy and rang of motion stretching techniques.
Madelyn the Magnificent
Madelyn specializes in Deep Tissue massage and Myofascial Therapy. She is also skilled in cupping massage and gua sha. For questions you can reach her directly at 253-954-2624
Marjorie the Holistic Health Practitioner
Marjorie the Morning person
I am a certified Holistic Health Practioner and Licensed Massage Therapist. I specialize in weight loss therapies like the Lipomelt body wrap. I offer chair massage, mobile massage, deep tissue and Swedish gymnastics, lymphatic drainage and all spa treatments. You can reach me directly at 253-961-6647 for questions.
Michael the Mystical
Tiffany Bancroft

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