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Our Services

Afro Blowout (not a press style!) $35
THIS IS NOT A PRESS STRAIGHT STYLE. Hair is washed and lightly blown dry creating a big fluffy fro
Box Braids $150+
Hair is added to your natural hair creating individual braids with extensions. Hair is NOT provided for this style. YOU MUST PROVIDE YOUR OWN HAIR FOR THIS STYLE.
Box braid touch up $45
The perimeter of the braids are taken out and reinstalled. Includes wash and conditioner.
Brow Arch & Tint $40
Brow arching is done with a sterile stainless steel razor and naturally tinted
Brow Tinting $20
Brow Tinting is done with about natural ingredients to tint the brows for a few weeks. This process takes roughly 20 minutes.
Child Palm Roll Loc Maintenance (NO new child w/o consult) $60
(NO new child with Consultation first) grooming for children 9-14 years old
Child Style (NO new child w/o Consult) $50+
No new child without Consultation. Children over 6-10 years old. Hair MUST be taken down and DETANGLED before service. If service takes longer than anticipated an up-charge will be added to base price. Shampoo and condition included .
Color Touch-up and Style $115
Touch up the roots of your hair color and have a style of your choice done at the same appointment time
Comb Twist Long Hair $75
Hair is parted and individually coiled with a comb
Comb Twist Short Hair $55
Hair is parted and single twist coiled with a comb
Consult with Stylist
Corn Rows with a basic design $50
Flat cornrows going back in a simple/basic design WITH YOUR OWN HAIR
Cornrow "Lemonaide" braids $100+
Hair is added to your natural hair braided to the side. Prices vary based on length and size of braids. Please attach a picture to your appointment booking.
Cornrow with extensions $100
Hair is braided straight back with extensions added. Only minimal design. YOU MUST PROVIDE YOUR OWN HAIR.
Cornrows with Box braids $150+
Half of your hair is braided back in the front and the back half is box braid. YOU MUST PROVIDE YOUR OWN HAIR.
Crochet Braids $150
Hair is added using crochet method. YOU MUST PROVIDE YOUR OWN HAIR.
Deep Conditioner/Steam Treatment $20
HoneeComb Honee Deep Conditoner is applied to hair and client is put under hair steamer for 20-30 min for maximum moisture retention. This treatment is best to soften and heal hair and scalp
Faux Locs/Loc Extensions $200+
Hair is extended and fashioned to look like Locs
Flat Twist $65
Your Hair is parted in rows and flat twisted to the scalp with NO DESIGNS OR LOOSE TWO STRAND TWISTS
Hair Butter
Our special butter for your hair mixed with organic coconut oil, vegetable glycerin, vitamin E & HoneeComb's own proprietary blend of Organic Essential Oils. Please put your address to ship to in the notes.
Hair color (whole head from root to end) $75 & up
Hair color is applied to hair from root to end
Hair Trim $20 (will NOT be accepted as a single service)
Ends of Hair are expertly trimmed for maintenance and to promote growth. Note: We will not perform a trim as a single service. Must be scheduled with a second style or Color!!
Havana Twist $150
Hair is added to your natural hair creating large full two strand twists. HAIR IS NOT provided for this style. YOU MUST PROVIDE YOUR OWN HAIR.
Hi-lites $75
color hi-lights to your hair
Instant locs 250+
Crochet needle is used to intertwine hair to create locs instantly. Will take 6+ hours
Interlock Maintenance $90
Hair in shampoo, conditioned and interlocked to roots with crochet needle.
Interloc maintenance and style $110
Hair is shampoo and conditioned, interloced and styled
Lashes $30
Individual lash application will take about 40 minutes are less.
Loc Extensions (Consultation) $15
Human hair is added to your natural hair to create Locs. (THIS IS A CONSULTATION APPOINTMENT ONLY). A consultation is required prior to booking service.
Loc style $30
style locs as desired (shampoo is optional)
Microlocs Maintenance $115
Also known as sister or brother locs. Locs are tightened with a threading technique. LOC STYLE NOT INCLUDED. LOC STYLES START AT $15
Palm Roll Loc Maintenance $75
Individual Locs are palm rolled, clipped and put under hood dryer to set. DOES NOT INCLUDE DRYER TIME. STYLE NOT INCLUDED
Palm roll Loc Maintenance and Style $95
Locs are shampoo and conditioned, palm rolled and styled
Roots touch-up Hair Color $50
Hair is colored only at the roots to maintain color
Senegalese/ Marley Twists $200+
Hair is added to your natural hair in the Senegalese style of twisting. Hair is not NOT provided for this style. YOU MUST PROVIDE YOUR OWN HAIR FOR THIS STYLE
Sew-In Weave $150+
Hair is cornrowed to the scalp, hair extensions are sewn onto cornrows. WEAVE IS NOT INCLUDED IN PRICE.
Silk Press $85
Hair is steam treated for moisture and flat ironed with ceramic irons for soft bouncy silky hair without chemicals.
Sound Bath
Sound Bath Meditation Event. 1 hour of Quartz Crystal Bowl meditation for clarity and rest
Special: Book Two styles Get 20% Off (Valid for styles $75 & Under ONLY, Does not include styles with color or added hair. Not valid on Interloc or Microloc Maintenance. Loc styling not included) Valid for 3 months from initial booking
Valid for styles $75 or less * NO ADDITIONAL Booking needed or required. Staff will schedule your second appointment. *Does not include styles with color or added hair. * Not valid on Interloc or Microloc Maintenance. *Loc styling not included. Valid for 3 months from initial booking
Starter Locs $80+
Straw Set/Flexirod Set $85
Small sections of hair are wrapped around a straw (yes and actual drinking straw!!!)to create small spiral curls, client is placed under hood dryer to dry, straws are removed and curls are loosened.
Strips $15
Strip lash application
Two Strand Twist $75
Your Natural Hair is two strand twisted
Two Strand Twist with Extensions $200
Also known as Kinky Twist, Urban Twists, or Spring Twist. Synthetic hair is added to your hair to create a full two strand twist style that last for 2 months or more
Two Strand Twists with Extensions- Touch Up $45
Two strand twists are taken down and retwisted around the outside perimeter of your head creating a fresh and clean look.
UP-DO $75
Hair is designed in a up-do suited to your face and style
Updo with Extensions $100
Hair is parted in rows and braided to the scalp with synthetic hair added to each braid. Hair is provided by stylist, please include the color of hair you would like in the comment box
Weave Take Down $45 (per hour)
Take down your sew-in weave or crochet braids only $45 AN HOUR. Includes deep conditioner
Big Chop $30+
Haircut to cut off more than 2 inches of hair, shaped into style at desired length.
ACV Rinse $40
Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse
Loc Reattachment $45+
Price varies on how many locs are being attached and the time it takes to attach them.
Passion Twist $200+
Bohemian look of twist w/ extentions
Twist Out $65+
Twist that are taken out for a defined curly fro. Prices goes up on size.
Bantu Knots $55
last up to a month if taken care of

Our Staff

Cristina Howard
Master Stylist with 25 years experience. $25 added to each appointment regardless of style.