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Based in Portland Oregon, Em Greenseth is currently primarily focusing on tattooing, while still dabbling in other art forms. With a background in sculpture and conceptual design, their spatial orientation, sense of 3 dimensions and creative use of color are uniquely suited to creating one of a kind, beautiful pieces that can be cherished on your body for life. Em’s mission is to make receiving a unique and personalized tattoo a comfortable and safe experience for people of all bodies, skins, genders, lifestyles, sexes and presentations. They will work tirelessly to meet your needs both in custom design work and in your overall experience.
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Our Services

This service is typically reserved for people booking large and complicated pieces (think full sleeves etc) who need to meet up and discuss plans and designs in person. Most smaller tattoos can be booked and designs through online communication, but I’m always available to talk designs in person if that makes my clients more comfortable!
Tiny Tattoo
This option is really only for tiny tattoos that fall under the shop minimum of $80. They are typically smaller than an inch and very simple with maybe one or two colors. These tattoos take less than 30 mins of needle time and about 1-1.5 hours in the shop all together. If the design changes and ends up needing more than 30 mins of needle time the price may be adjusted.
Small Tattoo
For 1 hour tattoos. Examples include 1 line of text, a medium piece of color flash, or a 2 inch color custom piece with medium detail.
Medium Tattoo
Typically something small with lots of detail, two sentences of text, or a 3-5 inch color piece with medium detail. This is a good size appointment to line out a larger piece as well, if you’re planning to split your piece into two appointments.
Medium-Large Tattoo
Grab a 3 hour slot if were doing something super complicated and small or working on a larger piece of skin. Examples are full color hand sized pieces, lining a forearm sleeve, or anything geometric or involving lots of text.
Large Tattoo or Ongoing Project
Grab this spot if we’ve got lots of work to do on your dream tattoo! This is for larger pieces done in one sitting, lining a full sleeve, or continuing work on larger skin areas.
All Day!
For an $800 flat rate I will spend all day (6 hour minimum) getting as far as we can on any project or number of projects you’d like! Good way to save some money on a larger project. Only available on weekends.
Touch up
Within one year I will touch up a piece I did for free.

Our Staff