This salon specializes in all hair!!! particularly natural tresses. A private salon that focuses on that one on one detail. Hair growth and restoration is on the menu here, high quality services guarantee satisfaction every single time.

Salon Policies:
Late/Tardiness: If you are 5 minutes late your appointment will be rescheduled as well as a cancellation fee applied.
No Call/ No Show: no refunds are given for no shows
Invoices: must be paid by 10 pm the night before appointment date!!! ABSOLUTELY
Prices:we reserve the right to add services as well amend them, prices are subject to change at any time
Hours of Operation: see calendar
Please Note: every service warrants a charge. Please book accordingly
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Our Services

This service is for instructional purposes only. No styling is performed during the consultation. I will help guide you through the process of going natural educate you concerning hair products as well as help you to decide on your next style. Styling is not done on the day of consultation.
Flat Iron Service
This add on service is for clients who want to smooth out their tresses perfect as a touch up for weaves. This does not include shampoo or conditioning.
Wig Braids
This service is for hair protection under a wig. It does not include shampoo conditioning or flat iron. Please book accordingly
Lighten up
This service is a for clients that want to add hi-lites to. Hair is lightened, shampooed conditioned, toning included in the service. Flat iron also included. Curling extra. Please book accordingly
Cornrow Style
This service is for those who want a "set" style. Hair is cornrowed in the pattern you desire. This style lasts for 4 weeks with proper maintenance. Shampoo and conditioning is an extra service charge. Please book accordingly
Loc Style
Fashionably style your luscious locs whichever way you choose. This loc style will last from 1-3 weeks depending on tightness of curl and/or braid pattern. This style does not include shampoo conditioning or retwisting, longer hair additional cost. Please book accordingly.
Ponytail Combo
This service includes a classy ponytail along with finger wave and /or a bun. Hair is molded and dried under a gentle heat. This style will last for 2-3 weeks depending on proper maintenance. This service does not come with shampoo or conditioning. Please book accordingly.
Male unit install
Men have no fear the Male Unit is Here. Get your sexy back! its on with this 3-4 month low maintenance hairstyle. Choose your look and voila. A deposit and consultation is step one. Step two is the finished flawless install
Temporary Hairline Repair
Thicken your line as well as add hair on top. Perfect for men that are balding and are not yet quite ready to "let it go"! Haircut included
Loc Repair Individual
Thin locs are repaired from weak to strong with this service 1-5 locs
Loc start Straight hair
Detangling Service
This "ouch free" service is for clients that have neglected their hair and wish to get it back to health. Detangling is a process so with that in mind, be prepared to follow up with other services and products for maintenance. This service includes a scalp analysis, deep conditioning, scalp treatment and massage, also a trim. Styling extra please book accordingly
Wig Sew Down
Hair is braided and the wig style of your choice is seen to your braids. This style lasts typically for 3-4 weeks. This service does not include shampoo, conditioning or trimming. Please book accordingly
2 Natural Braids
Natural hair is braided into two cornrows. Great add on to a Take-down service. Does not include shampoo
Jumbo cornrows with added hair
This beautiful style uses Kanekalon hair. Hair is first shampooed and blow-dried hair is added to create the cornrows of your choice it can be side part, straight back, or zigzag. This style typically last two to three weeks with proper maintenance.
Halo Braid
Natural hair is straightened and hair is added to create this one braid beauty
Box Braids- medium
For the ease of getting up and an going about your day, this versatile style will last up to 3 months with proper maintenance. Shampoo and condition extra. Please book accordingly
Crotchet Braids
Get styled in a hurry. This convenient style will last for up to 3 months. This service does not include shampoo and conditioning. Please book accordingly.
Individual Faux Locs
Crotchet style redefined! Hair is pulled into individual braids to create real life looking locs. This service does not include shampoo or conditioning. Please book accordingly
Mega Braids
This classic style looks good on everyone this style is considered complete with 5 braids. For more than 5 braids add $25.00. Mega braids are inverted.
Poetic Justice Braids
This classic on the go style practically styles itself. Shampoo, deep conditioning treatment is included.
This service is specifically designed for weaves, braids and crotchet styles. Scalp is cleaned and hair is refreshed and tightened up, this will allow the style to be continually worn for a 3-4 week period
Take Down
This service are for those that have braids, weave and/or crotchet styles. This is a stand alone service, any additional styling will have an additional service charge. Hair is completely taken down scalp is cleansed, massaged and followed by a deep conditioning. Blowdry is included. Styling is extra. Please book accordingly.
Men's Box Braids
For the gentleman that wants to take care of his hair. This service begins with a shampoo and scalp treatment followed by a deep conditioning, hair is blowdry and parted in boxes to be braided.
Braiding 101- Braiding class
This beginners braiding class covers topics such as Sanitation, tools product choices, parting ,individual braids, and box braiding. Great class for parents.
Braiding Intermediate- Braiding class
This class focus is pattern braiding, adding hair to cornrows, adding hair to box braids, senegalese twist, kinky twists, and hair stretching
Advanced braiding- Braiding Class
This class will teach you how to do several types of braids including: fishtail, goddess, poetic justice, banana cornrows Fulani braids and tree braids, and passion twists
Frontal install
This service is for individuals that need a hairstyle in a hurry. Hair is shampooed and blowndry braided and the frontal is installed this style will last from 1-2 weeks
Smoothing Service
This luxurious service begins with a scalp analysis followed by an invigorating shampoo, a deep conditioner is applied and a scalp massage is performed. Great for natural hair this style will last up to 2 weeks when properly maintained
Press and Curl
What's old is now new again!!! this style is great for natural clients Desiring to have a relaxed look as well as a nice bounce to their hair. This style will last up to 2 and 1/2 weeks depending on proper maintenance, hair and shampooed deep-conditioned and blown dry press and curls are achieved by use of the Marcel Iron
Color Root Touch Up
This service is for clients that are in need of a color spice up. Hair color is matched and refreshed as well as color balanced for that head turning effect. Flat ironing is included. Curling and/or upstyle is additional. Please book accordingly.
Color Change
Turn heads with a completely new color!. Hair is afterward shampooed followed by an ultra rich conditioner. Flat ironing is included. Curling or upstyle extra charge, please book accordingly
Shampoo and Blowout
This service is detailed for someone getting a braid service, or a weave installed hair is shampooed, a scalp massage is given along with a conditioner treatment. Hair is blown dry and and service is complete.
Finger Waves
This classy updo is a great look, hair is freshly shampooed and conditioned, clients will sit under the dryer for 30 to 45 minutes depending on hair density. These beautiful waves will last up to 3 weeks depending on proper maintenance.
Grey Coverage
This service features a "washing out" of grey hair. Great for clients clients that are not ready to "tell". Includes flat ironing only. Curling/updo extra please book accordingly
Soften natural texture with this service hair will be smoother than usual and easier to manage
Relaxer Root Touchup
Maintain your pressed tresses this service includes a deep conditioning treatment and your choice of pressing or rollerset.
Smoothing service Package
Save time and money by pre booking a series of services. This is for clients who want to see growth and overall health of hair. You will be booked consecutively for 4 appointments tri-weekly ( every three weeks) save $20
This full sew in gives you versatility with minimum maintenance
Partial Sew-in
Add length volume and fullness with this service
Gel Twists
This stylish style looks good all by themselves and will last for 3 weeks with proper maintenance
Added Tracks
Hair is added in by bonding or sewing please specify at the time of your booking
This business ready hairstyle is easy and fun! hair is shampooed and conditioned, molded and styled in a ponytail hair is added for the full glamorous effect. Good for the "on the go" client.
Loc Start
With this service your loc journey starts off with the hair thoroughly shampooed conditioned and comes with a scalp treatment. Maintenance is required frequently until locs are fully mature
Loc Maintenance-Retwist
Hair is vigorously shampooed and deep conditioned, a tea bath removes buildup and locs are re-twisted to perfection
Permanent Loc Install
This service is great for naturals that want to bypass the infant locking stage and head straight for loc maturity. Hair is thoroughly shampooed deep conditioned and treated with a protein pack to lead the way to strong healthy long locs a consultation is necessary please book accordingly
shampoo and Conditioning Service
For styles that does not come with shampoo and conditioning please add this to your appointment to complete your experience.
Makeup Application Daytime
This service "get's it together" for you. Skin is gently cleansed and makeup is applied this is good for those going to a business meeting or for an anytime day look
Makeup look Evening Edition
This glammed out service is for women that want to stand out from the crowd the skin is gently cleansed and makeup artfully applied highlighting your best features and minimizing imperfections.
Makeup Application Add On
This add on refreshes and details your skin giving you a natural after glow
Makeup 101- Hands on Class
Learn how to use what you got! learn the correct way to use your brushes- your foundations -your powders-your blushes- your lip liners -your pencils-your products
Makeup Pro- Hands on Class
This class includes a demo. Learn about undertones-- foundation matching--camoflage-- the art of blending--defining the brow--sculpting the face, also includes a discussion on makeup brands. For class schedule email at:
Facial Service
This luxurious experience will leave your skin fully hydrated and baby smooth. Included in this facial are : steam extraction exfoliation natural peels and a mask, coupled with a neck and shoulder massage and followed by a hand and arm massage Your body will be completely relaxed and ready for your next move.
Facial Express
This "pamper me" facial is done in a fraction of the time leaving no benefit out Specialized for people on the go this service is designed to give maximum results in minimal time. Skin is cleansed followed by a massage and mask to reveal youthful balanced skin
Back Treatment
This wonderful service is designed to rid the body of stress. Tension is removed and the back is treated to a cleansing massage exfoliation and mask. Great for people who experience acne breakouts on your backs as well as for high stress jobs
Total Face Waxing
This service includes a full face waxing which included: eyebrow-chin-cheek-lip
Back Waxing
This service begins with skin cleansing and ends with a skin soothing aloe treatment
Leg Waxing Half
From the ankle to the knee or knee to the thighs leg will be waxed to reveal soft fresh skin
Leg Waxing
This service will remove all hair from your entire leg front and back
Bikini Wax
Get beach ready with this service. Hair is removed from your bikini area followed by a refreshing aloe application
Underarm Waxing
Underarms are left baby smooth with this hair removal service. Great care is taken for this sensitive area
Arm Wax
Half arm from wrists to elbow or elbow to upper arm this service will leave your hairless and smooth
Full Arm Wax
This service will rid your total arm from hair a soothing aloe rub will follow to calm skin down
Partial Highlight
A partial highlight includes crown of foils along with toning if necessary. Included in this service is a deep conditioning and straightening, curling is extra
Highlighting Full
This service is for the committed! All over foils are designed to drastically change your look a deep conditioning treatment and a trim is included with this service along with a smoothing service curling is extra
Men's Haircut
Clean up the right way. Your choice of shears and or clippers will detail the haircut of your choice
Women's Haircut
This service takes care of split ends and gives body to the hair overall
Add this service to your appointment to get rid of split ends and to maintain healthy hair
Children's Braided Cornrow Style
For the little loves in your life.... this service starts with a shampoo and conditioner, a trim is complimentary and cornrows are detailed.
Children's Braided Cornrows Style Added Hair
This Style is for duration, cornrows styles with added hair generally last longer than cornrows without hair. Black hair is included with this package. A shampoo is giving a scalp treatment and deep conditioner hair is an added and braided into a cornrow style
Moisture and Seal Treatment
Hydrate and seal dry hair, service begins with a shampoo and a scalp massage followed by deep conditioning treatment and a trim. Natural (unrelaxed) hair add $10
Definition Treatment
This curl enhancement service is for Naturalistas that love their hair but want it a bit more detailed. Hair is shampooed and followed by a treatment. two strand twisted to finish the style.
Smoother Treatment
Moisturize your thirsty tresses! This add on service is either for hair that has just come out of a protective style or hair with no "bounce". Hair will behave after this luxurious treatment. Trim included
Soaping for Beginners -Soaping Class
A beginners soap class where we will cover basic soapmaking, as a bonus you will leave with your very own soap handmade by you For class schedule email :
Soap party Pro- Soaping Class
This intermediate and advanced soaping class covers how to make soap two ways: hot and cold process. You will make as well as go home with a loaf of hot process and a loaf of cold process soap. You will learn how to cut and wrap your soap for gifting. Please email for class schedule at:
Add on Loc Style
This service is an add on for clients who received loc maintenance
Straight Back Cornrows
Get sleek with these classic cornrows. Hair is parted precisely and braided straight back. This style lasts 2-3 weeks with proper maintenance.
Designer Braids
Get intricate with this braided style. Hair is shampooed and blowndry, braided in a zigzag pattern
Quick Weave
This style is created by molding the hair with a protectant. Hait is bonded and cut and styled. Does not include hair
Loc Repair Whole Head
Locs that are thinning, various lengths or in generall need of reshaping are ideal for this service. Locs are evened out by adding 100% human hair that will grow into your locs for stability
Loc Maintenance-Interlocking
Hair is interlocked to get the longest wear out of a Loc Maintenance Style. Hair stays tighter at the root for maximum amount of time.
Instant Locs
Bypass the baby phase and take the express bus to fully mature Locs in just a few hours. Hair is instantly locked using a special technique creating Locs you love instantly.
Butterfly braid
This luxurious braid can be worn as a high fashion braid. Adorn it with jewelry or leave it plain. Its stunning either way
Senegalese Twist
These twists are sophistication in action. Hair is parted neatly at ths scalp and additional hair is added right at the root to form a smooth and uniformed twist from start to finish
Express Twists
Go Big or go home! Enjoy these large twists for up to 2 months depending on care. This service does not include shampoo and blowdry please book accordingly
Natural two strand twists
Hair is shampooed conditioned and twisted for an on the go style. This two in one style will last for 3 weeks with proper maintenance. You are able to achieve a different look upon untwisting.
Natural two strand Cornrows
Hait is shampooed, conditioned and blowndry. Twists are laid flat on the scalp and placed in a beautiful bun. This style will last for 2 and a half weeks with proper Maintenance.
Natural Styling Updo
Hair is shampooed, conditioned and blowndry, a simple or complex updo is created which will last for 2 weeks with proper Maintenance
Bantu Knots
Hair is coiled into beautiful and neat buns which can be worn for 3 weeks shampoo and conditioning is included
Hair is shampooed and deep conditioned to add maximum moisture a leave in treatment is added and hair is coiffed in coils
Wave Nouveau/ Jerry Curl
Curls are never out of style. This low maintenance style will last beautifully for 8-12 weeks.
Eyebrow Arching
Achieve neat and clean brows with this service which can be completed by using wax or razoring.
Strip lash extensions
Great for an event or completing a makeup application. Lashes will last for 1 week
Cluster lash extension
This service is for clients that wish to have lash extensions for 1 week or more.
Single lash extensions
This service is for the committed, requiring a refill every three weeks this popular choice lasts for 3 weeks with peoper maintenance
Flex -It Set
This flexi-rod set will last for 1-2 weeks with proper maintenance. Hair is thoroughly shampooed and conditioned prior to rodding, this will produce lavish and controlled curls.

Our Staff

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