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Environmental Contractor in Minneapolis Saint Paul MN. Specializing in Asbestos Testing, Air Quality Testing, Commercial / Specialty Cleaning, & More!
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Our Services

Garbage/Trash/Wheely Bin Cleaning and Sanitizing Service
Enviro Tek will show up, clean your Trash Bins (up to 3 Bins) and Sanitize them on-site, using organic, naturally derived cleaning agents, leaving you with Fresh Garbage Bins and Less Insects/Critters! A small investment with big results!
On Demand Commercial Cleaning - 4 Hour
Enviro Tek cleaner arrives at your site, ready to work, based on the date and time you select and the instructions/scope of work you provide. As you book your cleaning you will find a field that will allow you to provide a description of what you need done. Typical service includes but not limited to: Floor Cleaning (sweep & mop) of the space, vacuuming of mats, clean & sanitize bathrooms etc.
Asbestos Testing
Enviro Tek will show up to the property, collect a sample, seal it and submit it to the lab. Results will be emailed out same day if the material sample is collected by 12 pm that day.
Residential & Commercial Air Quality Testing
We show up, run an air pump with a special cartridge that captures whatever is in you air. That cartridge is then sent to the lab, here in Minneapolis, and your results are ready within 24 hrs. Rush service is available, get your results in 3 hrs in emergency cases!
Nightly Janitorial/Cleaning Service Estimate
Get an Estimate for commercial nightly cleanings for Restaurants, Bars, Grocery Stores, Manufacturing, Retail, Industrial and More! Some businesses pay as low as $40 per night! We provide nightly Janitorial and Cleaning services to many businesses here in The Twin Cities! Let us help you and your crews by getting the cleaning off your plate!
Commercial Kitchen Cleaning
Enviro Tek will show up to the location of your restaurant/bar or food production facility and do a visual walk through and provide pricing to perform the desired scope of work.
Demolition Estimate
Enviro Tek will show up, look at the situation and provide you with an accurate price estimate to perform the work. Usually takes less than 30 minutes. Pictures and measurements are usually what the process is made up of.

Our Staff

Enviro Tek Staff
Our Enviro Tek Team members are always friendly & and courteous, we cannot guarantee which one of our team members will show up to your appointment, we can guarantee however that they should be on time & prepared with everything needed to get the job done.