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Conventional and Cosmetic Tattooing, Body Piercing & Fine Art
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Brows - Hairstroke
The most natural looking brow procedure where each, individual hair is tattooed.
Brows - Shading
This procedure is shading behind your existing hair for more definition.
Brows - Powder Stroke
This is a solid colored, tattooed brow in a shape that flatters your face & features.
Eyeliner - Top only
This includes top liner and lash enhancement.
Eyeliner - Full Package
This includes top liner, lash enhancement and bottom liner.
Lip - Liner
Lip - Liner & Fade
This procedure gives a fuller, plump look with a defined outer line shaded across the contour of the lips creating a color gradient optical illusion of fullness.
Lip - Full Lip Color
Color Correction
This procedure is to correct an existing procedure, if possible. This requires a consultation and prices can vary from 400-800 depending on degree of correction needed and steps required. Please book a consultation instead.
Color Refresher
This is only for my existing clients, not for procedures done elsewhere. For my clients, it is typically 50% off if done within five years or free if part of my rewards program. If you have a faded procedure done elsewhere, please just book for the procedure you would like now and you will be included in these deals in the future.
Areola Pigmentation
Scar Concealment or Camouflage
This requires a consultation as it can vary significantly. Please book a consultation instead.
Tattoo - Small
Tattoo - Medium
Tattoo - Large
Tattoo - Hourly
Cosmetic Follow Up
Touch up

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