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I've always been told, "Linda, every time you do my nails they're always done right!". So that's how I got my name...thanks to all of you! I love doing nails, since my very first day in nail school way back in 1986. My life goal is to leave a positive impression about nail care and your nail services as well as illuminating everyone also associated within this wonderful nail industry!
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Our Services

Gel Overlay- No Extensions
A hard gel overlay is suggested for guests who like to frequently wear gel manicures. It protects your natural nail from the damage of repeatedly removing & reapplying gel polish. Your polish will stay perfect for weeks and your natural nails will eventually become thick and healthy like never before. (Forms can be added to even out irregular shapes of natural nails. Add $20) I do not offer gel manicures (gel polish over natural nails) because of the damage it may cause after repeated application so you will not see it listed as a service. Nor do I offer gel polish removal or painted white tips.
Plain Full Set- Gel Extensions
Select this service for a simple full set of Stiletto or Coffin shaped Sculptured hard gel extensions with one color.
Foreign Fill
This service is for a new guest in need of a fill who’s wearing a hard gel product from another salon. I do real nail enhancements and do not offer fills on clients wearing dip. If you’re wearing “dip acrylic powder & glue” product and would like real nails by a licensed professional you can soak off your “dip nails” at home and schedule a Full Set or Gel Overlay with me. Feel free to call and leave a voicemail message with any questions you may have about your current nail situation.
Fill 4+ weeks
This service is for a simple fill with 1 color gel polish for a guest who’s last visit has been 4 weeks or more.
Freestyle Fill- Artists Choice
A Freestyle Fill is the artists choice of designs, created by me. This service is for a fill and may include 2-3 Gel Polish shades, Chrome Powder, tapped on glitter and/ or 2 encapsulated glitter nails (1 accent nail on each hand). Add $10 for Fill over 3 weeks.
Gel Fill-Pink & White
This service is available for existing guests only. No foreign P&W Fills
Custom Fill- Your Choice
Select this service for a fill with designs of your own choosing. Select from a themed event to photos from your favorite social media posts.
Full Set- Acrylic
This service is for a plain basic full set of sculptured extensions with a simple color.
Freestyle Full Set- Artists Choice
Select this service is for a fun full set of nail extensions created & handpicked for you and designed by me.
2 nail repairs
This service is for more than one nail repair and possibly a clear top coat to freshen up the color on all if necessary. For just 1 single repair an appointment doesn’t need to be made, just call ahead to find a suitable time.
Bling’d Out Full Set
Select this service for a Full Set of nails fully adorned with Swarovski Crystals as seen on Cardi B! This service requires pre payment and must be made at least 7 days in advance. No refunds.
Gel Full Set- Pink & White Sculptured Extensions
Classic Pink & White look. Hard Gel has zero odor and no undesirable smell like acrylic. Using Crystal Nails Gel products your nails are created by sculpting product by freehand to desired extension length. No plastic tips are used. Recommended maintenance is 4 weeks.
Gel Pedicure
Includes single color. Chrome not include. Add $5 for toenail repairs.
Fill 6+ weeks
This service description should say something like “dam girl, you needed a fill weeks ago!”
Plain Fill
Select this service for a plain 1 color gel fill no longer than 3 weeks. Glitter/ Chrome NOT INCLUDED! For nails longer than 3 weeks select Fill 4+ weeks
Add Bling Swarovski- 1 Nail
For simple small stones
Add Big Bling Swarovski- 1 Nail
For fun fancy crystals.
Add Mega Bling Swarovski - 1 Nail
For “Cardi B by Jenny Bui” like Bling
Simple Full Set- Medium Length
Select this service for a full set of short to medium length almond or square Sculptured Hard Gel Extensions. Including one solid color gel polish.

Our Staff

Linda Reyes