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10:00 AM - 7:00 PM
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

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Our Services

Let’s talk about how you envision your hair and make it a reality.
Hair glitter
Formal Makeup
Touch Up, Full Highlights, Haircut, Blowdry
The works.
Touch Up, Partial Highlights, Haircut, Blowdry
Partially the works.
Touch Up, Partial Highlights, Blowdry
The pit stop package.
Touch Up, Haircut, Blowdry
The fix me up package.
Touchup, Blowdry
We call this deal the steal.
A wash before we enter the #wind_tunnel_of_style
Men’s Cut and Scalp Massage
You read it right SCALP MASSAGE, then we’ll trim your hair to perfection.
Woman’s Haircut and Blowout
The first package of all packages. #A_Must_Have
Kid’s Haircut
A trim for the younglin’s Disclaimer- 10 and younger.
Color all over
Paint your hair everywhere.
Touch Up
Don’t worry your... What roots?
Bright Color All Over
Bright hair all over. If you’re considering if this suits you, it suits you.
For the best of both hues
Hair Color Correction
Color your hair back to its glory.
Foils All Over
High/Low lights all over.
Partial Foils
Just enough High/Low lights
Framing My Face
Everything beautiful needs a frame to match it
Balayage Face Framing
Hand painted highlights to match your smile
All Over Balayage
Hand paint those highlights Bob Ross style #NoFoils
Wedding Test Run Design
The pre updo before the updo of your life.
Wedding Day Hair Design
A big day with the big hairstyle to match.
Formal Hair Design
Important hairstyle for an important day
Straight With Keratin
They call me the exterminator because I put curls to rest
Personally Straight With Keratin
Relax it is relaxed
Quickly Straight With Keratin
Tame the curly
Bonding Treatment
Your hair will thank you for this revitalization
Hair Glaze
Shine like a doughnut
Malibu Mineral Removal Treatment
Start your hair off with a fresh detox
pH Bonding Treatment
Strengthen those strands for the dye to come
Eyebrow Wax
Brows to match the windows to your soul
Chin Wax
Lip Wax
We’ll just snatch that stache for you
Quick Tone
Toning at sink with pulp riot quick toner
Men’s Cut and Color
The revamp package is what we like to call it
Men’s Color
Hair dye for men
The overnight, past my shoulder blades, hair growth treatment.
Pop color per panel
Bright dye for section of your hair
Wax Trio
Lip, chin, and brow wax
Bang Trim

Our Staff

Laura Garofalo
Skylar Mangold

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