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Our Services

90 Minute Massage
30 Minute Massage
60 Minute Massage
General relaxation massage for full body or request extra focus on a specific area of concern.
deep Tissue Upgrade
massage technique that focuses on realigning deeper layers of muscles and connective tissue. Add to any massage for $15.00
Detox Body Wrap
Mineral and clay body wrap formulated to draw out excess sodium and toxin filled fluids, resulting in loss of inches, sleep and bowel function improvement. Results vary.
Body scrub
Himalayan salt scrub helps to detoxify the skin by increasing the circulation and also helps to hydrate and improve skin texture.
Rainrop Therapy
A series of essential oils applied along the spine in a relaxing body treatment. *Balance body energy *Pain reduction *Reduces inflimation * Improves Circulation *Relieves stress *Shields from pathogens *helps with Stuctural alignment
Foot Reflexology
Firm pressure massage focused on the feet to send a curent of injury to the brain triggering a healing response. 15 minutes or more of your scheduled massage time is spent on this upgrade.

Our Staff

Simona Campos, LMT,MMP