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Journey To Wholeness Session

Have you noticed that you don't feel as present as you would like to? Do you sometimes feel disconnected from your body and your experience? This session is done remotely through a shamanic drumming journey and soul channeling to connect with your soul and assist it in reclaiming or releasing that which is causing you to feel disconnected. It's fairly common that our souls have experienced traumas in other lifetimes, in addition to this current lifetime, and when that happens it energetically separates us from the wholeness of our being. Often times it can show up as not feeling in our body and not having communion with our bodies which keeps us from feeling present. It can also cause an energetic imbalance in our masculine and feminine energies that we embody. This session will find those experiences and energetically balance and restore you to wholeness which contributes to more presence and embodiment. The channeling is done remotely. You will be contacted after the channeling is complete to schedule your 30 minute follow up zoom call for integration and any further facilitation that may be required.

$555 · 30 minutes

Sovereign Empowerment Session

This session is a one on one that combines energy work, intuitive facilitation, channeling, spiritual counseling and shamanic practices to shift you forward leaps and bounds. This session is done via a zoom call and a recording will be provided afterwards. Your energetic field and body will receive coding to propel you into your sovereignty and move through layers of what you're required to. Your session will be focused on what you're currently working through presently and built upon in future sessions.

$888 · 1 hour

Home/Office Energetic Space Clearings

We come to your space and energetically clear it of energies that are non-contributive energies which are weighing down your space. This helps with shifting back into productivity and creation. Some of the reasons you may want to have a space clearing done can include: When you move into a new space When a roommate or companion moves out After you remove clutter After an argument After a divorce or break-up After an illness or death When you buy an antique or second-hand item Anytime you desire fresh energy for a new project or beginning After the death of a loved one After a move, job change or major life transition Transitioning from abusive or co-dependent relationships If you often work with energetically “draining” clients or people Anytime you desire fresh energy for a new project or beginning (Cost is $222 per 1000 sq. feet)

Starting at · 1 hour


Andrea Lynn Diaz