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The Art of Nailz is a "Grown-up Zone"--
You must arrange for childcare during your visit with Maggie. Due to limited space in the salon, we request that you do not bring guests with you if you can help it.
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Our Services

Full Set: Acrylic Extensions
Sculpted on forms (not tips) for a customized fit to your natural nails. Available in a variety of shades of pink and white to suit your personal taste. Careful application process to avoid damage to the natural nail.
Full Set: Rockstar Acrylic Extensions
Starting at $75.00 for acrylic full set with one color glitter-- additional elements at additional cost. Glitter, Mylar, Foil, Fimo and More! Sculpted over forms or on tips. Embedded directly into the acrylic. Built-in "Bling" that won't chip or wear off, plus no extra time spent waiting for your nails to dry.
Full Set: Hard Gel Extensions
Exceptional color clarity, adhesion, and shine. Must be cured with UV light, hypoallergenic product is non-damaging to the natural nail. Sculpted on forms or tip with overlay.
Dip system with tips to extend length. Brush-on resin dipped in color powder for a quick and simple set. *Not the best option for longer lengths.
Hard Gel over natural nails. No length added. Includes gel polish.
Glitter embedded in hard gel. No length added. Flat pricing does not include rhinestones or additional design elements.
Does not extend length. Brush-on resin dipped in color powder.
FILL-- Basic Acrylic
Standard maintenance for acrylic nails. Fills new growth at cuticle, shorten, and return tips to proper shape. Finish with choice of gel polish. Nail art and rhinestones not included.
FILL-- Hard Gel
Standard maintenance for hard gel extensions or overlays. Single color hard gel with choice of gel polish. Does not include glitter, nail art, rhinestones, or other elements.
BACK FILL-- "French" Acrylic, pink & white or rockstar (one color)
Backfill or "French" fill moves back the color on rockstar and French manicure styles to maintain the proper placement of the smile line to prevent the look of being grown out. Include standard fill-- filling in new growth area at cuticle and rebalancing free edge to maintain proper structure of nail enhancements.
FILL-- Rockstar Gel
It's actually just a rockstar gel overlay again. Whether you change your color, add a new one, or keep the same, the process for properly maintaining gel overlays requires completely overlaying the nail with new gel after filing and shaping to restore balance, return proper shape to the tips, and prevent product from building up and becoming bulky. Rhinestones and additional design elements not included in price.
Maintain your natural nails with a traditional manicure and enjoy the long-lasting wear of gel polish. Includes careful removal of previously applied gel polish. *DOES NOT include removal of pre-existing enhancement products such as acrylic or hard gel.*
The traditional service for keeping your feets sandal-ready all year long. Finish with traditional or gel polish for long-lasting wear.
TOES! Acrylic or Hard Gel
For those who prefer the look and wearability of hard gel or acrylic on their toenails. Overlay only (no extensions, but I can correct misshaped or damaged nails.) Finish with traditional or gel polish.
Embed loose glitter in layers of hard gel for a durable and long-lasting look that glitter polishes simply cannot compete with!
For Michelle :-)
Extra long appointment time allows for full tip change outs on long nails, 3D nail art, or hand painted work on multiple nails. Book it if this description applies, even if you're not Michelle!

Our Staff

Maggie Franklin-Hare
Maggie has spent nearly 3 decades covered in dust and glitter in a career that has been her passion and pride as well as her profession. Check out the full website at for a full overview of her history, accomplishments, and portfolio.