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VEC by Victoria E. Colbert service a full range of her artistic abilities. VEC's artistic abilities are but not limited to: photography, music, graphic design, video, photo/video editing, singing & songwriting & more. VEC is the initials of her birth name Victoria E. Colbert.
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Our Services

Photography (and/or) Video Service
VEC by VEC Photography provides photography, photo editing and video / video editing service to clients. VEC Photography service in: event (corporate & concert), portrait (people, head-shots, & editorial), fine art and creative promotional photography (package deal with photography & graphic design which is VEC Experience. Portfolio Available Upon Request). To check out photography portfolio, click on 'VEC Photography' on the site menu at
VEC Experience Service
VEC by VEC Experience provides photography, photo editing and video / video editing, graphic design as full package service to clients. VEC also has a package deal called 'Creative Promotional photography (package deal with photography & graphic design) which gives graphic design service (advertising flyers/banners etc) with website design template, photography service and social media design for the clients audience. Portfolio Upon Request via email
Singing & Songwriter Service
With a unique sound dubbed, VEC (Victoria E. Colbert) stage name is Tigerlily Baby which is a symbol of her personality based on the tiger lily flower. She's a stream of conscious artist, singer and songwriter that’s music is ambient, eclectic, & serene. Her music consists of Alternative R&B, Electro Soul fused Electronica House. She writes to R&B, Pop, Hip-Hop, Electronica Music, Soul, World music and more. She also partners with a co-writer if needed name William Thomas. To learn more, please send via email to (and/or) Check out Tigerlily Baby music here at this link:
Graphic Design Service
VEC creates design for creative professionals, businesses, events, agency work including personal use. Portfolio Available Upon Request via email

Our Staff

Victoria Colbert