Thrive Reiki, LLC

Reiki is a healing modality for stress reduction and relaxation that promotes mindfulness and resilience. Treatments stimulate the body's self-healing response through the light touch of the practitioner's hands. In addition to improving overall health and well-being, people turn to Reiki when coping with life's stresses as well as for support during health and emotional challenges and medical treatments. Reiki is not a cure for medical disease or a substitute for medical or professional psychological care. Thrive Reiki shares the office with Amethyst Integrative Wellness (
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4:00 PM - 8:30 PM
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Our Services

Reiki Session (1 hr.)
Reiki Session (75 min.)
Reiki Session (90 min.)
Exploratory call
Not sure if Reiki is right for you? Ask me your questions and we will chat about how Reiki and I can help you.
Distance Healing
Receive Reiki from the comfort of your home as I will share Reiki with you remotely. This service is for existing clients only.

Our Staff

Andrea Deierlein
Andrea is a Reiki Practitioner & Teacher trained by the New York Open Center and the International House of Reiki. She is a member of the International Association of Reiki Professionals.