Endurance Chiropractic & Sports Therapy

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Our Services

New Patient Visit
Any New Patients MUST select this visit as we need the appropriate time to evaluate and address your current injury or movement. This includes injury evaluation, soft tissue, adjustment (if no imaging is needed), intro to rehab exercises
Full Rehab Visit (Established Patients ONLY)
30 minute visit with expanded soft tissue time, adjustment, and rehab plan. This visit is ideal for injury recovery and rehab.
Adjustment (Established Patient and Kids ONLY)
15 minute adjustment and short soft tissue treatment for established patient *NO NEW INJURIES FOR THIS APPOINTMENT TYPE This visit is ideal for routine maintenance or care of small injuries that do not require rehab.
RX Stretching INCLUDES Normatec session
Do you ever feel like you just need to get stretched out and ready to go? This is the thing for you! We will spend 20 mins with assisted stretching and movement improvement! This is not a Yoga session, you will have a therapist one on one doing specific active and passive stretching. *This session INCLUDES a post stretch Normatec recovery session!*
Normatec Compression Therapy
Utilizing the compression therapy popularized by hospitals to help control swelling and improve blood flow, Normatec Compression Boots and Arm sleeves apply a comfortable pressure that pulses up the leg/arm helping clear inflammation, decrease muscle soreness, and speed up recovery time! Give it a shot today and see how quick you can get back to Living Active!
New Patient Consult (NO treatment rendered)
Please use this visit if you need to set a consult only to evaluate if this type of care is right for you.
Movement Assessment (NO treatment, only eval)
A dedicated time to evaluate movement patterns for gym or daily activities. We will screen through basic range of motion, squat, shoulder motion, etc. This is perfect for people beginning exercise or weight loss programs or dealing with tightness/stiffness with exercise.
Swedish Massage: 60 min
A Swedish Massage relaxes the mind, body, and soothes the spirit
Swedish Massage: 90 min
Deep Tissue/Sports Massage 30 min
Deep Tissue/Sports Massage: 60 min
Deep Tissue/Sports Massage: 90 min
Reflexology (Hands and Feet)
Aromatherapy Massage: 60 min
Aromatherapy Massage: 90 min
Pregnancy Massage
Pregnancy Massage: 60 min

Our Staff

Diana Bandy