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Hi. My name is Ktasha ("Tasha"), I am a Tax Strategist, Consultant & Educator to Entrepreneurs across the U.S. Beyond tax-saving strategies, I teach you how to start your business the right way, as well as educate you on how to run your business efficiently. Statistics show that many small businesses fail within the first 3 years. When I stepped out on faith and fired my boss in 2005, as a single-mother of two young daughters at the time, I was determined to beat the odds. Close friends and family thought I was crazy to walk away from my secure job...but I was ready for my side hustle to become my main hustle. Today, I am proud to still be successfully running my business from the comfort of my home. Do you want to start a side hustle from home? Unsure of where to begin or "what to do next". I am your "go-to" resource for growth and guidance from start-up and throughout the many stages of Entrepreneurship and overall business development. Tax Services | Start-up | Guidance | Marketing | Mindset | Systems
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Our Services

Virtual Tax Appointment
In order to better serve each and every one of my valued clients, it is important that you only schedule this appointment type "AFTER" you have submitted your tax documents along with the required $50 Deposit. Please be advised that if the above conditions are not met, you may stand a chance of your VTA being re-scheduled. During this appointment, you and I will be communicating through various methods including Phone, Email, Text Message, etc. in order for you to provide me with any further info I need as well as for me to address any additional questions you have. During this appointment, your tax returns will be finalized for your approval and so that I can move forward with electronically filing your tax returns.
Phone Consultation
This 20 minute consultation is usually for an Intro or Initial consultation with a new client to have a brief discussion. This service type, may also be used for existing clients who need to consult with me for a brief period. There are times when this call may not necessarily last the entire 30 minutes.
Extended Phone Consultation
This one-hour consultation is usually for new or existing clients for us to discuss a matter in further detail or beyond the scope of what 20 minutes may cover. Please keep in mind that depending on the nature of this call, it may require a $95 consult fee which you will be notified of in advance.
Customized Consultation by Phone or In-Person
This service type is primarily for a specialized consultation customized to your unique needs for answers to questions and/or to tap into my multiple areas of expertise.
Small Business Consulting
This service is usually for someone who is already in business and who is struggling with taking your business to the next level. Hire my specialized business knowledge, skills and multiple areas of expertise to help you in areas where you are struggling. I can help you with ideas and make recommendations for improvement and...where necessary...may even be able to help with executing those plans. (Please note for service booking, a 20 minute duration time is selected, in order for me to assess your level of need. Total consult fee will be determined.)
One on One Coaching Session for Business & Entrepreneurship
Would you like to learn how to make money from doing something you enjoy? Maybe you have a passion or a talent or skill, or just want to do something outside the box. Sit with me for one hour over the phone or in person (locally and other surrounding areas). Let's discuss your goals and how I can help you turn your dreams of starting your own business and/or your interest of wanting to step into Entrepreneurship...into a reality. Some of the areas I cover... *Mindset for Entrepreneurial Success *Business Development throughout the many stages of running a business *Helping You Brainstorm With Ideas *“Behind the Scenes” Business Operations *How to "Professionalize" Your Business *Branding & Marketing *Business Systems, Processes, Automation, and more.
Extended One on One Coaching Session for Business & Entrepreneurship
As an Entrepreneur Educator, I teach people how to start a business from home. I also teach you how to turn your hobby into an additional stream of income as a side hustle. There is so much to learn when you're starting and developing your own business. As we work together in this session, we may discover that a longer term may be beneficial. Below are some of the key areas that my wisdom and expertise cover: *Mindset for Entrepreneurial Success *Business Development throughout the many stages of running a business *Helping You Brainstorm With Ideas *“Behind the Scenes” Business Operations *How to "Professionalize" Your Business *Branding & Marketing *Business Systems, Processes, Automation, and more.

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