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9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
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Our Services

Somatic Yoga Therapy and Life Mentoring
Are you hoping to transform trauma, get off the hamster wheel of anxiety and depression, quiet the voice of self-judgement and limiting beliefs, so you can Live. Life. Better? Using the tools of Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy, we work in partnership to help you level up as you gain clarity in your life and where you are heading. * Minimum of 4 sessions highly recommended! Individual sessions are $150. Talk to me about a sliding scale. Online or in-person.
Yoga Therapy for Couples
Experience the impact of profound presence. Learn deep listening and dialogue skills, that can be supportive of any relationship. Online or in-person.
Transformation in 8 Themes
Become who you were meant to be, and Live. Life. Better. An 8-week transformational group including embodied movement, meditation, and exploration to inner wisdom. Schedule a FREE Consultation with me for more information!
Transformation After a Narcissistic or Emotional Abusive Relationship
In person, online, group or individual. Schedule a FREE Consultation for more information!
Transforming Parenting (in 8 Themes)
BECOME the parent you were meant to be. The parent your child deserves to have, so your child can become all they are meant to be! As parents, we spend so much time, effort and energy making sure that our children are doing OK, and thriving, that we forget to care for ourselves. This course is not about giving you more parenting strategies. You have those. This course is about giving you the space to focus on yourself, to reacquaint yourself with your Self, so you can BE the parent you wanted to be. In person, online, group or individual. Schedule a FREE Consultation for more information!
Individual Transformation Program
This program consists of 8 sessions where we walk through the 8 themes together, from Befriending the Body to Flow in Life. This is a truly transformational practice, as I join you in partnership, and as a guide, as you discover how you can Live. Life. Better. In person, online, group or individual. Schedule a FREE Consultation for more information!
I Need a Reset!
Easy, 20-minute online session to help you tap into your wisdom. Prerequisite: You have had 4 full sessions with me, or you have completed a Course in Transformation. Online or in-person.
Consultation or follow-up
This is where we begin the conversation. What's happening in your life, and how can I help you? 15 minutes to 60.
Thai Yoga Massage
Relax and Refresh!
Private Yoga Class
In a one-on-one or small group setting, we can dive deeper into alignment and philosophy, whatever you like!

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