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Our Services

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy
PRYT is the application of the principles of Yoga in a therapeutic modality. Most sessions are 1:1, couples and group work is available. In a session we use physical postures, touch (with consent) and dialogue to explore the connection between physical and psycho-emotional-spiritual, because pain manifests in many forms.
Couples: Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy
Practice the art of profound presence, learn deep listening and dialogue skills, that can be supportive of any relationship.
Life Mentoring
Using the tools of Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy, we move to the next level to help you gain clairity in your life and where you are heading. Minimum of 4 sessions highly recommended! Talk to me about a sliding scale.
I Need a Reset!
Easy, 20-minute online session to help you tap into your wisdom. Prerequisite: You have had 4 full sessions with me, or you have completed a Course in Transformation.
20 minute consultation or follow-up
FREE offering May-August 2019, I aim to help 100 people in 100 days to make a change in their lives. No matter where you are located, I will meet with you! FaceTime or Zoom. Book your time, I will get back to you to confirm!
YTT make-up session
Charge will be through Kindness Yoga. For a full day (6-9 hours) make up is a 1.5 hour session charged at $150.
YTT Make-up session - half day
Charge will be through Kindness Yoga. For a half day (2-6 hours) make up is a 1 hour session charged at $100.

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