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9:00 AM - 7:00 PM
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9:00 AM - 7:00 PM
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Our Services

cryo facial / local cryotherapy
single session
cryo facial/local cryotherapy 5
5 sessions cryo facial/ local
cryo facial/local cryotherapy 10
10 sessions cryo facial/ local
Cryo Facial/ Local
For our members only
Unlimited Cryo Facial/ Local monthly ( once a day)
$450 . Best Package! ones a day . taxes will be collected in the office. appointments booking in advance
Cryo One Selene Body Fat Freeze/Contouring/Slimming 1 session
1 session, Painless, Non Invasive
Cryo One Selene Body Fat Freeze?Contouring/ Slimming 5 sessions
5 sessions, Painless, Non Invasive
Cryo One Selene Body Fat Freeze/Contouring/ Slimming 10 sessions
Painless , Non Invasive
Cryo One Selene Tightening Rejuvenation Facial 1 session
single session , Painless, Non Invasive
Cryo One Selene Tightening Rejuvenating Facial 5 sessions
pack 5, Painless, Non Invasive
Cryo One Selene Tightening Rejuvenation Facial 10 seeions
Painless, Non Invasive
Lymphatic Drainage, Deep Tissue, Anti- Cellulite Massage
Lymphatic Drainage, Deep Tissue Anti- Cellulite Massage
Lymphatic Drainage, Deep Tissue, Anti- Cellulite Massage
Deep Pore Cleansing Facial
Deep Pore Cleansing Facial
Elite Custom Spring Rejuvenation Facial for Man or Women
Let's get you spring ready with a custom refreshing acial. Starts off with a Anti-aging cocktail mask and microcurrent treatment for the eyes area in order to provide circulatory benefits to enhance natural collagen and elastin. Followed with lymphathic drainage facial massage with high frequency using brushing motions to reduce swelling in the eye and neck area as well as the rest of your face. Let us help you rejuvinate and revitalize in time for the spring . This facial will help your skin return to a healthy color, relieve from dryness, edema, and reduce wrinkles and sagging. The results will give you a healthy, glowing, and youthful skin in time for spring feeling refreshed and clean!
Elite Multi-Mask Spring Treatment
Multi- masking has become increasingly very popular and it is most efficient way to give yourself a facial. This treatment is suitable for both man and women and consists caring for different areas of your face at the same time to address specific skincare concerns. This helps solve the problem of oily, dry , and irritated skin at the same time. Each individual varies dependent on skin concern. The multi- mask is sure to leave your skin feeling smoother, tighter , brighter, and more hydrated, revealing a glowing and rejuvenated complexion to leave you spring ready.
Elite Anti Acne Facial
Anti Acne Custom Facial designed for problem skin. Deep pore cleansing facial ( includes extractions) with a lactic peel and special product personalized for your skin.
24 Karat Gold Facial
The ultimate luxurious anti-aging 24 Karat Gold Facial unlike any other, delivering a high concentration of minerals and invigorating antioxidant properties that are prized for their rapid ability to absorb into the skin for a more vibrant, youthful and rejuvenating complexion. Favorite by Historians like Cleopatra , 24 Karat Gold has anti-aging, brightening and glowing benefits, firm and calm, slow down collagen depletion and the breakdown of elastin, reduce wrinkles and combat cellular oxidation. A custom proprietary blend enriched with unique combination of cutting edge ingredients that are age reversing and tailored to suit every individual skin type helps to improve firmness, increase collagen production, lift and re-energize the appearance of skin while imparting an opulent glow.
Elite Light Therapy " Spring Rainbow"
This treatment is suitable for both man and women and consists of light therapy to renew and restore the skin. The red light promotes collagen synthesis, reduces wrinkles, and strengthens the protective layer of the skin. It is then followed by a blue light that helps reduce inflammation and easy peeling. It is a pain free, non-invasive soothing , rejuvenating skin treatment and results will leave you with soothe skin and reduction of redness and inflammation. This treatment will help with treating acne breakouts, fine lines and wrinkles, post inflammatory scarring and rosacea. LED Light Therapy bolsters cell turnover, and pure oxygen therapy plumps the skin. A smooth, bright, and brilliant complexion results.
Elite Natural Mink New Set 80 pcs
80 pcs per eye
Elite Full Mink New Set 100 pcs
100 pcs per eye
Elite Fabulous Mink New Set 120 pcs
120 pcs per eye
Elite Glamorous Mink New Set 140 pcs
140 pcs per eye
Elite Natural 2D New Set
Natural 2D
Elite Volume 3D-5D
Volume 3D-5D
Elite Dramatic 6D-9D
Energy B12 Shot
Instant boost of energy!!!!
Super Shot Energy
B12, B6, B1 will make a magic!!!!
Hair Grow Shot
Mix of vitamins to grew healthier , stronger hair and nails.
Skinny Shot
Looking and feeling lighter ! Curb the appetite and boost energy.
Anti-Aging Shot
Fountain of Youth!

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