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Our Services

Trim (Sides and Back)
Perfect for when the top’s still solid but you need to chop down the sides and back to get a second life out of the cut you’re already loving. Just make sure you only need a refresher, cuz this one’s booked for just enough time to spruce your cut up—top blending is included.
Clippers over the top of your head, and however you'd like your sides! No scissor work here, just a buzz of the clippers to chop off the top!
Hot Towel Shave
Classic straight razor shave, complete with a full hot towel/cold towel treatment, pre shave oil, shaving cream, hot foam, and light facial massage with face balm/moisturizer.
Beard Trim
Haircut and Beard Trim
Quick Clean Up!
Just a quick clean up around the ears and the neck, touch up on the side bruns. This is for you if you still love the cut, but your neck is driving you nuts! 15 min service, so if thats all you need, this is perfect for you! And you still get a hot towel too send you off feelin fresh!

Our Staff

Tony Jimenez