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Lactation Counseling services and Childbirth education
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Our Services

Remote Breastfeeding Support
Not local to Central FL? Not a problem! Schedule a video-chat counseling session with me, and we can work through latch issues, positioning, and other common issues/questions.
Breastfeeding, pumping support for babies 3+ months
For moms and babies 3+ months who already have a breastfeeding routine down but need help with specific issues, such as going back to work, pumping, nursing strikes, weaning, etc.
Breastfeeding education, support, & counseling
In-home/in-hospital session. Struggling with breastfeeding? Let me help! I can assess latch, offer support and suggest techniques, and observe feedings. Equipped with infant scale for weighted feeds. Pumping help, group classes also available.
Hypnobabies: Private 6-week course

Our Staff

Shannon Couillard