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We also offer Acupuncture and Nutrition Guidance. Call for a phone consultation prior to booking these two services. Our mission is to offer Three therapies for wellness - use one or call on all three to deeply impact your health.
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DRYFT Floatation, individual 60 minute float
Float weightlessly in Magnesium rich salt water. Experience deep relaxation and recovery inside a warm, safe, quiet and dark Float Pod. Whether you are seeking health and wellness, meditation, or self improvement; floating is a fantastic new tool for whole self care.
First Time Float Intro Package - 2 sessions
For those new to Floatation Therapy, we recommend our Intro Package. Not only is it the best deal ($20. Off each float), it also gives you an opportunity to get over “ first-timer” issues. Floating is a practice that improves over time. Intro Float Package gives you 2 - 60 minute sessions so you can learn to let go and realize the full benefit of floating. We recommend you schedule your 2 sessions within 7-10 days so you receive the most benefit. This is a one-time purchase. Once you love floating, check out our Membership for best prices and privileges.
Package: 3 60 Minute Floats
Achieve Optimum results by committing to a Float practice. Clinical studies show this is the way to get the most benefits from floating. For best results book your floats within 10 days of each other.
Longer Floats
Please call to discuss your needs.
Membership is the best deal, you can’t go wrong. Floating is an experience that improves the more you do it. 2 Floats per month. 15% discount on additional floats and other single services at our Center. 3 month commitment, billed monthly. Floats never expire and can be gifted.

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DRYFT Floatation