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Cicli Noe is a service shop for bicycles. Custom work, wheel builds. Tune up. Flat repairs and more.
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Our Services

Full Tune up. $70.00
Our full tune up excludes any parts necessary and includes every adjustment necessary for a smooth and efficient bicycle. 1) Gear adjust front and rear 2) Brake adjust front and rear 3) Safety checking nuts and bolts 4) Wheel alignment and proper tension check for a straight wheel. 5) Drive train degrease 6) Bicycle cleaning 7) lubing of all moving parts ( brake pivots, derailluer's, etc.) 8) Lube inside gear and brake housing 9) Tire pressure check 10) Quick hub, headset, and/or bottom bracket adjust 11) Final bike polish to give it the new bike look and feel. If parts are necessary, they will be charged properly and talked about in advance before servicing your bike.
Safety Check. $35.00
Safety check service is the minimal labor for all bicycles and it covers all moving parts of your bicycle. 1) Gear adjust front and rear 2) Brake adjust front and rear 3) Specific torquing of all parts of bike 4) Proper PSI on tires 5) On bike wheel alignment to prevent wheel rub on brake pads and/or frame 6) Chain lubing .
Request specific service.
Any custom bicycle project you think of.
WHEEL TRUE. Each. $10.00
All rim's should work together efficiently to make the most of each pedal stroke! Let us alight, tension, clean and set it to appropriate p.s.i with this service.
WHEEL BUILD. Each. $35.00
Professional wheel build to your ideas and specifications. -Radial lace, 2x, 3x. -Single color or multi-color. - Any variation of spoke count. - Proper spoke tension Includes free 30 days wheel true. Excludes parts. Professional wheel builds for efficient and long life wheel set's.

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