Intuitive Healing and Massage LLC

BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. I DO NOT HAVE REGULAR OFFICE HOURS. When stress and anxiety have a hold on your life, maybe it's time to try a different approach with a different kind of therapist.‚Äč By providing intuitive insight and clearing negative or blocked emotions around whatever is causing you stress or anxiety, I can give you the tools to break free from limiting beliefs that keep you stuck in dead-end jobs, bad relationships and self-doubt. I see you. I hear you. I can help you.

Our Services

Energy Healing + Massage
Relaxation Massage - 90 Minutes
Relaxation Massage - 60 Minutes
Energy Healing - 60 Minutes
Energy Healing - 30 Minutes
Intuitive Energy Healing - 90 Minutes
Intuitive Energy Healing - 60 Minutes
Crystal Massage - 60 minutes
Crystal Healing Massage - 90 Minutes
a 90-minute massage or combine with energy healing.
Chakra Balancing Wrap + Massage
Energy Clearing Session
Energy Healing - Distance - 60 Minutes
We will meet online for a short intake conversation (Skype or FB Messenger). We will determine what kind of energy healing session you need (basic, intuitive or energy-clearing).
Rosehip Oil Add On
Aromatherapy Add On
Select from a variety of essential oil blends for your session.
Intuitive Reading Add On
Ultimate Healing Session

Our Staff

Robin Anderson