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Joanne Sarantis studied at Advanced Permanent Cosmetic Academy in Naperville, IL. She is a member in good standing of the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals (SPCP). She has completed her CPCP Certification (Certified Permanent Cosmetic Professional). She has completed Blood Borne Pathogens Training & Infection Control
ensuring that she always adheres to the highest standards of sanitation, hygiene, and sterilization when performing cosmetic procedures.

I strive to give my clients the best experience, personal attention and honesty with all the procedures I perform. Safety is very important and only single use needles and supplies are utilized.

There is no greater satisfaction than knowing I’ve helped a client achieve far more than what they were hoping for.
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Our Services

Microblading is a technique that uses a very fine, sterile, disposable hand tool to create natural hair-like strokes. Results can last up to 1 year. Annual color boosts are recommended. NOT suitable for all skin types.
Ombré Powder Brows
This technique is a machine method of cosmetic tattooing using a disposable needle cartridge to create a shaded gradient effect. Results are more powdery and fluffy with a faded front and crisp tail. Results 1-2 years. Annual color boosts recommended. Suited for ALL skin typeS. *Best suited for clients with oily skin, thin/mature skin or minimal hair as it creates density and gives the illusion of a fuller brow. **Great option for color correction.
Hybrid Brows
Also known as combo brows, this technique combines both microblading & powder brows. The microblading gives dimension while shading part gives density and definition.
Annual Color Boost
** $250 AFTER 1 year since last visit. ** $350 AFTER 2 years since last visit. ***Full Price After 3 years since last visit.

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Joanne Sarantis