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Jalen Marketing Agency was created out of passion for marketing niche, the love for helping others. Our goal is to help small businesses and brands grow and succeed.
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Our Services

Photography Shoots
This service allows us to bring clients vision to life by capturing moments that matter most to you.
Media Kits
A media kit or press kit– is pre-packaged set of promotional materials that provide information about a person, company, organization or cause and which is distributed to members of the media, blogs, journalist for promotional use. Simply put its a brands story if you don’t have a story you don’t have a brand. However, I can help you develop your brand story and press kit only if you serious about your business or brand contact me.
Video/ Production
This service is video storytelling allows us to turn our clients vision into reality with motion pictures to boost their brand.
Marketing Mentor-ship & Consultation
If you are serious about growing your business and achieving financial independence. We provide our clients with ground breaking marketing strategies to bolster there brand, boost there social media followers and achieve business success. Price may vary depending upon services rendered.
Advertising is perhaps one of the wonderful developments of the commercial age. It’s a maker or breaker business large and small. With the shift from traditional media to social media advertising has become more relevant then ever when building a brand/business. Let the experts handle your campaigns for maxiumum effects.
Social Media Advertising Packages
Social media is the future and if you are lacking you could potentially be missing out on a lot of business, influence, success whatever you may be looking to achieve we can help. We have 3 packages to choose depending upon your budget & needs all made affordable with payment options. 1.Momentum Marketing Package for $1,500 2. Magnetic Marketing Package for $3,000 3. Magician Marketing package for $5,000 Each package has its own unique benefits and features but each with different effect, note that the higher package the more value you will receive for more info of what packages contains www.jalenhamilton.com.
Jalen Hamilton is great MC and speaker for your next event. The energy he has to keep the crowd lit and involved is phenominal the whole event. He also leads seminars, receptions, parties, fund raisers, school events and much more. If you would like him to host or speak & educate, entertain and empower the audience book him today!

Our Staff

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