West Village Tonsorial

West Village Tonsorial offers classic barbering services, giving men an indulgent grooming experience in a masculine and luxurious environment. Our signature cuts and straight-razor shaves help connect our customers to a great element of Americana.
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Our Services

ProBarber Cut
Hair is cut with sheers or straight razor or both, to your preference. Service is delivered with such technique and detail to leave you with a cut that turns heads. Styling with blow-dry and product.
Longhaired (Long Hair For Man -over 3 inch length )
Using only the shears to create a desire style.
Beard Trim for short to meduim (Clippers & Sheers only)
Short/medium length. A natural look achieved by a combination of clippers and straight razor. Price varies: $50-$55.
Sculptured Btrim
Medium to long beard. Sculpting the beard (medium to long length) to perfection, by using shears,clippers and razor. Finishing with a authentic beard balm, leaving your beard conditioned and soft. Price varies on the length of the beard. Email us a picture for exact price.
One Length Stubble Beard Trim (one length only) with clippers-no razor-
Symmetry is achieved with a clipper to trim the beard to a desirable one length only (NO RAZOR), by ending with a hot towel and a calming aftershave to revive the beard.
Combo WVT (Hair Cut and Beard Trim )
Hair and beard are shaped by shears and clippers to create a desire style. Finishing with a beard balm and a layrite paste for a perfect look .
Traditional Shave
Starts off by applying a hot towel to open pores, followed by pre-shave oil massaged into the skin, warm shaving cream is lathered across the beard, a straight razor is used to shave the beard with the grain and re-lathered to shave across the grain for a refined smoothness, a cold towel is used to prepare the face for the after shave.
Baby Face Shave
We double the traditional shave process, leaving you twice as relaxed with our facial massage.
The Head Shave (straight razor )
wet shave of head including hot towel, best for sensitive skin, only one way down.
Close Head Shave
close shave is achieved by shaving against the grain leaving your skin smooth like a baby's face.
The Scalp Treatment
Your scalp is treated to a vigorous massage with essential oils
Grey Coverage(Hair or Beard)
Expert grey coverage (dependent on hair/beard length) Price varies $30-$75.
A hot towel is placed over the eyebrows, clipper, shears and straight razor are used, and finished with cold towel leaving a masculine appeal.

Our Staff

WVT Fred -senior barber
WVT Marti- senior barber