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Our Services

Not sure what you need to have done, but want to chat with me about your options? Book a consultation for 30 minutes to figure it out together!
Women's Haircut
A women's haircut includes my luxurious wash with a scalp massage using shampoo and conditioner customized just for you. I customize your haircut just for you, taking into account your hair texture, face shape, and personal style. Then I will use our premium product line to blow dry and style for whatever plans that you have for the day! Custom curls may be added on at an additional cost.
Bang trim
Experience my luxurious wash and scalp massage using shampoo and conditioner customized just for you. Then I will use our premium product line to achieve whatever style goals you have for the day!
Custom Curling
Custom curls can be added on after a blowdry or haircut. I create your curls using a marcel iron or wand to add more curl and texture to your style. I always use the most luxurious products to ensure that you continue looking beautiful all day (and night) long!
ba·lay·age (balāˈyäZH) Balayage, taken from a french term, which means "to sweep", is a freehand technique in which sections of hair are hand-painted with lightener to create a very customized natural looking highlight. My balayage technique will depend on your goal, and will be determined in an in depth consultation. If you have dark hair (natural or colored), please send an email prior to booking an appointment so that we can work together on creating the proper appointment for your needs. Please also schedule a glaze, and a blowdry, or haircut if needed. Haircuts include time for blowdry as well.
Root Touchup
My root touchup service includes customized permanent or semi-permanent hair color applied at your roots only. This is usually for guests who have gray hair thats need to be covered, OR if your all over color has grown out, and your natural roots have grown in. You can have up to 1 inch of natural regrowth at your roots to maintain blended, natural looking color. Otherwise an all over color is necessary. Please schedule a blowdry, or haircut as well so I can properly finish your service for you.
All Over Color
An all over color service includes permanent or semi-permanent hair color that is formulated specifically for you by Jessie. Then it is applied at your roots and blended through the rest of your hair. This service is perfect for the guest who is looking for a full color change from roots to ends. If you have more than ONE INCH of natural regrowth at your roots, this service is suggested versus a root touchup to maintain the blend of your color. Please schedule a blowdry, or haircut as well so I can properly finish your service for you.
Full Highlight
A full highlight is for the guest who wants to be all over lighter. This is not to be confused with balayage. Techniques considered as a full highlight are: babylights, teasylights, strandights, and a full head of foiled highlights. Full highlights take more time because I am taking my time to ensure each hair that needs to be lifted will do so and keep your hair's integrity strong. Please also schedule a glaze, and a blowdry, or haircut if needed. Haircuts include time for blowdry as well.
Partial Highlight
Partial highlights can be a stand alone service or added onto other color services. These custom highlights are placed to brighten the front and the crown of your head. This service is suggested for guests who are thinking about lightening their hair color slightly, or in between full highlight services to maintain brightness. You may also book this service if you'd like to have lowlights put in, but be sure to put "lowlights" into your appointment notes when you book online! Please also schedule a glaze, and a blowdry, or haircut if needed. Haircuts include time for blowdry as well.
Face Framing Highlights
Face framing highlights are specifically placed at your hairline to create brightness around your face. Sometimes referred to as "sunkissed" highlights, and are customized just for you and your desires! If you like the idea of a "money piece", make sure you add that into your notes when booking online! Please also schedule a glaze, and a blowdry, or haircut. Haircuts include time for blowdry as well.
A glaze is a semi or demi permanent color usually applied after any highlighting service to achieve the true color that you desire. I utilize color that not only tones your hair, but conditions and shines as well. Glazes are applied at the shampoo sink and sit for 5-15 minutes for optimal results. If you are booking an appointment for highlights online, be sure to add this service as well, it is imperative to achieve your goals for healthy, beautiful hair.
Corrective Color
Corrective color is a service that must have a consultation before the scheduled appointment. At the consultation, we will determine what needs to be done in order to "correct" the color in your hair and create what you desire. We will determine what the price will be after the services are performed, and color costs have been added.
The ever-famous Olaplex can be used to restore compromised hair, or added to any color service to offer the ultimate breakage insurance.
Root Smudge
A root smudge is custom formulated semi-permanent hair color applied at your roots after a highlight service. The point of doing this is to blend the roots and highlights together, leaving you without a harsh line of demarcation. This service can be scheduled in conjunction with any highlighting service, as well as in between highlighting appointments to refresh your color and blend the regrowth at your roots.
Fashion Color
Add a pop of vibrant color into your hair for a little fashion fun!
Bridal Trial
Bridal Attendant Style
Bridesmaids deserve to have fun and feel beautiful too! These upstyles are tailored to each bridal attendant. This means that if you are a bridal attendant, any specific needs or issues you have should be brought to my attention at least one week in advance from the wedding date. We don't need to stress the bride out about your hair issues, so please email me directly and let her relax!
Flower Girl Style
Flower girls are so cute and playful, shouldn't their hairstyle reflect their personality? These styles are done just for flower girls (4-10 years of age) and can involve upstyles, curls, floral pieces or flower crowns! 
Prom Updo
These styles are designed specifically for high school girls attending their prom! Are you getting ready for prom? Make sure you have a trial booked for at least one month to two weeks before your Prom day. The trial ensures that you can just hang out and enjoy your service on Prom day, and leave feeling like you have Pinterest or IG worthy hair!
Formal style
Styling done for events like prom, galas, etc. also includes bridesmaid trials
Men's Haircut
A men's haircut includes my luxurious wash with a scalp massage using shampoo just for men. I customize your haircut just for you, taking into account your hair texture, face & head shape, and also your personal style. Then I will use premium styling products to dry and finish off your hairstyle for the day!
Children's Haircut
Kid's haircut is customized specifically for your child. Kids under 4 years of age can not be shampooed because their cute little bodies won't reach the sink, so please make sure they have clean hair! Any child from the age of 4-12 will receive a scalp massage and wash using our kids product line. Then I cut their hair depending on their desires, and your direction. Please bring photos for inspiration - it makes it fun for the kids too! I finish off the haircut with a blowdry if needed!
Custom Hair Masque
Luxury hair masques that can be customized to your hair's specific needs. Jessie will consult with you, and mix your masque depending on your specific goals and needs. Your unique masque is applied at the shampoo sink and massaged in for 5-15 minutes, then gently rinsed for long lasting benefits. Masques are also available to purchase for weekly at home maintenance. ​
Rejuveniqe scalp treatment
Scalp treatment formulated specifically for people with fine or thinning hair. It helps to invigorate the scalp and promotes healthy hair growth. Oil can be purchased for at home weekly treatments. Must be used in conjunction with the proper at home care to ensure lasting results.
Personal Blowdry and Styling Class
This is a service that allows you to work one on one with me to learn how to create a style you'd like to achieve! You bring in all of the tools and products you use to style your hair at home, and I walk you through the process of doing the style you want to learn.
Just the basic wash with no blowdry included! This is for my hurried guests who either don't want or have time for the best part - getting your head massaged and hair blown out!
Brazilian Blowout
The only smoothing treatment asked for by name. Through the use of breakthrough bonding technologies, this customizable smoothing treatment actually improves the condition of the hair by creating a protective protein layer around the hair shaft to eliminate frizz and smooth the cuticle. Prices range from $250+

Our Staff

Jessie Donnelly
Hey there, I'm Jessie! I'm the owner of Hair by Jessie Ryan! I found a love in the artistry of hair, and I feel so grateful for every guest that I get to take care of. I focus on bridal and weddings, but when I'm in the salon, my heart is all in the color! If you have any questions for me, feel free to send me a DM on instagram (that's the best way to get ahold of me!) My handle is @hairbyjessieryan OR you can email me at I can't wait to meet you!
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