Kristin and Mysty are ready to take care of all your hair care needs.
Mysty is a stylist with 6 years professional experience. She has worked in Syracuse, NY as well as Ithaca. Scroll down to the book with Mysty.
Kristin is the owner of HCA and has been a professional stylist for 19 years. She has worked in NYC and San Diego California.
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Our Services

If you are having a hard time figuring out what to book or you would like to meet up and chat about your hair hopes and dreams, come in for a free consult and we can work it out together!
Bang trim maintenance
Bang trims are always free!! this only includes front perimeter of face, NO WASH, dry cut or spray only!
Undercut maintenance
Undercut maintenance is always free!! Does not include designs or NEW SHAVES!!
Undercut WITH design
Looking for some cool designs to add to your undercut?
Adult Haircut
Teen Haircut
Age 13-15 If hair takes longer than 45 minutes I reserve the right to charge adult haircut price of $50
Kid's cut
This is a child's haircut age 12 and under. Includes a wash, cut and quick dry. If your child's hair takes more than half hour, I reserve the right to charge for a full price cut ($30-$50)
Kid's cut WITH facepaint!
This service includes a FREE facepaint with your haircut!
Blow Out
NYC style Blow-Out. After a wash and condition, hair is sectioned and round brushed to perfection. Flat iron or curling iron can be added at an additional cost!
Blow Out with Deep Conditioner add-on
Hydrating or Repair treatments. Brands may vary based on what is deemed the BEST!! These treatments are left on for 5-10 minutes. This includes "Viral or Overtone" BRIGHTS deep condtioning treatments. These will color your hair. (colors may vary, call or text for which colors are available and what this entails)
Deep Conditioning Treatment
This is a service done at my chair where I asses your hair needs and create a treatment for you. I will use a cap and hot towel to create a "steam" affect which opens the cuticle and allows the treatment to penetrate the hair shaft. **Style included**
Conditioning treatment
No blow dry included. Meant to be an add on service.
Glaze/toning service
If you're a blonde and need to re-tone your hair between root touch up services or you want to shine up a current color. style included!
Single process color
One process, one color, root touch up including ends refresher. Style always included
Accent hi-lite
Looking for a face framing hilite or maybe something to brighten up your color in addition to an all over color. More of an "add-on" Toner/Glaze included Style always included
Partial Hilite
Foil hilite anywhere from 5-25 foils, top and sides of head. Includes glaze/toner if necessary. *Style always included*
Full Hilites
All over head foil hilite. Creates a dimensional look with foils placed top sides and back of head. Toner/glaze included if necessary. Style always included
Lightening or darkening of hair to create the effect of a color variance. With or without foils, glaze/toner included if necessary. Price may go up if multiple colors are needed.
Double process blonde
If you want to be a light blonde! This includes varying levels of bright blondes. Coloring roots to ends, no Hi-lites! Includes the toning service. Style included Price may vary based on your starting haircolor. If process goes over 4 hours, I charge $65 per additional hour.
Double process blonde retouch
This is for bright blondes, who are between a level 10 and platinum. Hair that MUST be bleached and then followed with a color. This is RETOUCH ONLY!! (root lightening and toning) style always included
Up to 5 foils/Undercut bright color
This process includes the lightening followed by the PulpRiot bright color. This is a double process!! Style included. any cutting is separate!!
Balayage/bright color
bleach balayage Double process followed by intense color. style always included **If this service takes longer than the allotted 5 hours an additional $65/hour is added to the bill. (everyone's hair is different and lightens differently) book consultation for direct quote
Partial intense color
Half head, colorful section of hair. bleach first and then color!! Timing depends entirely on your starting hair color. some colors may not be able to be achieved in one session or at all. consultation is recommended before booking. **If this service takes longer than the allotted 4 hours an additional $65/hour is added to the bill. (everyone's hair is different and lightens differently)
maintenance PulpRiot(bright) color ONLY
One process!!! Only to freshen up your bright tone WITHOUT bleaching! Style included
Maintenance root touch up with bright color
If already have your hair colored, now its time to freshen it up and re-bleach your roots!! Double process. Style included
Full head multiple bright color/silver/white/lavender
Double-triple process This may require multiple services to achieve desired results! Silver/Lavender/Grey hair preferred to be on virgin hair and WILL most likely require 2 color sessions! Timing depends entirely on your starting hair color. some colors may not be able to be achieved in one session or at all. consultation is recommended before booking. **If this service takes longer than the allotted 6 hours an additional $65/hour is added to the bill. (everyone's hair is different and lightens differently) Style always included
Wedding, prom, dance, feeling funky, photo shoot..
System of teasing and knotting the hair to start dreadlocks! I DO NOT use any oils or waxes, these are natural and take time to mature!! I use a crochet hook and teasing comb $65/hour
Express Style
Simple Braids, pony tails, spike mohawks, pigtails..
Olaplex Stand Alone Treatment
This treatment is an add-on and does not include a style. Starting with a clarifying shampoo to remove any oils, waxes or other build up, followed with Olaplex #1. Finished with Olaplex # 2 in the sink. This treatment helps heal the hair and bring back integrity. Best for clients who bleach and color hair but can be done on anyone.
5 blowout punch card
Adult Haircut (Mysty)
This price includes a wash and style!
Teen Cut (Mysty)
This service includes a haircut and style. Age 13-16
Kid's Cut (Mysty)
Age up to 12
Accent Hilight (Mysty)
This is a face framing highlight. Up to 10 foils. Glaze included. Includes a wash and style.
Partial Hilight (Mysty)
This highlight service is a half head. Usually include face framing as well as the top of the head. This includes a glaze as well as a wash and style.
Large Braids
This service is for someone who may want one French braid or maybe two. Does not include a wash or blowdry, must come with hair ready to be braided. A wash and style will require additional costs.
Single Process Color (Mysty)
This is a color that can be done in 1 process. Typically a root touch up, or all over color to go darker or tone on tone. This service includes a wash and style
Double Process (Mysty)
This color process requires two steps and usually requires bleaching first and then coloring after. This is a starting price and covers the whole head. A blow dry and style is always included.
Double process retouch (Mysty)
This service is to maintain a double process. It includes lightening of the root area and full color refresh. Starting price only. Includes a blow dry and style.
Glaze (Mysty)
This service adds shine and deposits color onto an existing color service. Brings a previous highlight or color service back to life again. This service includes a blow dry and style

Our Staff

Kristin Dutcher
Mysty has 6 years experience as a professional stylist. She specializes in braiding as well as eyebrow shaping.