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Our Services

Permanent Cosmetic Consultation
Typically consultation can be done over phone but person to person is usually preferred. We will explain what the treatment entails, what to expect, discuss aftercare and review medical history and preparation.
Permanent Cosmetic - Brows
Create your perfect brows with techniques of microblading "hair strokes" and or shading "soft powdery backdrop" for full definition movement and texture. Fee includes 2nd treatment if done within 90 days.
Permanent Cosmetic - Lash Enhancement
Lash color is added within lash line only to define top lashes and includes partial lower if desired.
Permanent Cosmetic - Upper Eyeliner
Defined upper lash line with liner for a natural looking enhancement with a smudged smoky look, or a thick more dramatic liner look.
Permanent Cosmetic - Lower Eyeliner
Soft color in lower lash line for natural looking enhancement, smudged smoky look, or bold dramatic liner look; fee includes 2nd treatment done within 90 days of procedure
Permanent Cosmetic - Bold Full Lips
Defined filled-in full colored lips (lipstick look) ; fee includes 2nd treatment within 90 days of procedure
Permanent Cosmetic- Soft Defined Lips
Rejuvenate and define natural lip line, correct asymmetry and faded lip borders and add soft natural lip color gradually fading out toward center to create fuller look; fee includes 2nd treatment within 90 days of procedure
Permanent Cosmetic Perfection Visit
Follow up tattoo visit to perfect your permanent cosmetic tattoo after first healing phase is complete- no charge if done within 90 day of first tattoo treatment. If over 90 days - $250 fee
Brow Shaping / Design
Eyebrow shaping and design is achieved by grooming tweezing and waxing with gentle nourishing polymer wax that shrink wraps the hair without leaving residue.
Consultation / Glue Testing
Recommended for the client who has never experienced eyelash extensions before. Registration / medical history is reviewed. Client experiences cleanse prep and prime and 6-10 lashes are applied to each eye to screen for any rare potential sensitivity to glue. $35 fee is applied toward any Lustre Lash Set.
Radiant Full Lash Extension Set
Your eyes will shine radiantly! This set is customized to your specific eye shape and facial features by selecting various lengths, thickness, curvature, or even color. Average eye holds 80 and this set adds 70-110 lashes per eye
Radiant Relash - one week
up to 75 minutes
Radiant Relash - two week
up to 90 minutes
Radiant Relash - three week
up to 105 minutes
Radiant Relash - four week
Up to 120 minutes
Lustrous Volumation Lash Set
Meticulously 2-5 "lash fans" are handcrafted and attached to individual lashes using a patented formulation to ensure this voluminous glamorous look indefinitely without compromising the lash integrity. This set adds minimum of 120-240 lashes per eye
Lustrous Volume Relash - one week
Lustrous Volume Relash - two week
Derma / Micro Needling
Safely delivers at the correct depth a hundred collagen-inducing perforations per second into the skin using a professional electronic device. For optimal rejuvenating skin corrective results sessions can be done every 3 to 5 weeks in conjunction with an appropriate derma roller for weekly home use. One hour session.
Facial Resurfacing
Tattoo Removal - 1 session
Lash Extension Removal
Removal of lash extensions using special solution dissolving bond. Service used if severe sensitivity develops or client comes to me with
Glimmer Lash Set
Classic natural light set adds 40-50 on each eyes

Our Staff

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