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Helping leaders lead themselves and others well!
At Legendary Coaching we help you practice personal leadership “from the inside out” with consistency and clarity. Your personal leadership is the foundation and attraction that helps you lead others and your organization well. Through leadership, change and conflict coaching, workshops and mediation we help take you where you want to go!
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

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Our Services

Complimentary Introduction to Coaching
In this complimentary 20 minute conversation we ask you 3 questions to set the table for an introduction to leadership coaching. This will allow you and us to understand our next right step.
Courageous Conversation Coaching
There is a good chance in the next 30 days you will need to have a crucial or perhaps courageous conversation; an important, difficult or emotional one. In this one hour together we coach you through a communication plan that will set you up for success.
Leadership Coaching Session
Our Leadership Coaching Sessions are normally 1.5 hours and are part of a custom designed program for each client. While these sessions can be booked on an individual basis we invite you to book our complimentary 20 minute coaching session first to optimize your time and desired results.
Facilitated Conversation Coaching
This coaching session is designed to help you set up a communication plan where you re going to facilitate a conversation between 2 or more parties. These conversations are needed as a result of a conflict that has come to light and the parties involved either can't resolve it or won't. We will walk through the problem, provide a framework to ask questions and a communication template to move forward with.
Mediation Services Package
As professional mediators we provide a Mediation Services Package that gives you an external resolution platform for those issues that are best dealt with outside of the organization or are simply to emotionally charged. This mediation services package is what we find addresses many mediations but can be easily adjusted to particular needs, issues or cultures. It includes an information session with the leader requesting the mediation, confidential exploration sessions with each of the two parties involved, the mediation with the two parties, and a post session with the leader. Please contact Michael Walker, a professional mediator, at michael@legendarycoaching to set up the neccessary meetings.

Our Staff

michael walker
As an influential leader Michael looks for opportunities to add value to people. He believes everybody has untapped potential and most of us have a desire to unlock and engage this potential as we experience the adventure of life and achieve success that matters. Part of that success for Michael looks like empowering leaders to lead themselves and others well; prosperity in every area of life that they can’t wait to give away to others! Michael is a recognized Leadership and Business Advisory Coach within an exceptionally diverse range of businesses and organizational sectors. In addition he also holds the following qualifications and designations: - Qualified mediator with the ADR Institute of Canada - Analyst with the Workplace Fairness Institute - Independent Complaints Facilitator (ICF) for the Ministry of Health